Resource Gathering Rate

Below is the speed at which Villagers and Fishing boats collect in resources Red writing = best sources of collecting food......
Resource Res/sec Civ w/ bonus Bonus
Berries 0.310    
Shore Fishing 0.426    
Hunting 0.408 Mongols 0.610
Shepherding 0.330 Britons 0.408
Farming (Dark) 0.316 With "normal" walking it is 0.294
(Fish Ship) Shore Fishing 0.280    
(Fish Ship) Deep Sea Fishing 0.487 Well worth the trip to deeper water
(Fish Ship) Fish Trap 0.206    
Gold 0.379 Turks 0.435
Gold with Gold Mining 0.435 Turks 0.500
Gold with Gold Shaft Mining 0.500 Turks 0.575
Stone 0.359    
Stone with Stone Mining 0.412    
Stone with Stone Shaft Mining 0.473    
Lumberjacking 0.388 Celts 0.444
Lumberjacking with Double Bit Axe 0.465 Celts 0.533
Lumberjacking with Bow Saw 0.556 Celts 0.640
Lumberjacking with Two Man Saw 0.613 Celts n/a
Relic Gold 0.500    

As you can see you are much better of collecting shore fish with Villagers and letting you boats travel further into the deep sea waters to collect fish there.............