Code Of Conduct

    This Rules are designed to make this website/game and forum Pleasant and enjoyable for all, so please uphold them to your best ability.

  1. Represent _NeT_AnGeLs_ with pride, dignity, honour, fairness, honest and confidence and our clan will always be strong and respected.
  2. No cheating (if someone beats you then they beat you, and they deserve the credit just learn from what made you lose).
  3. You may only play under the net: name tag (i.e. you may not be in other clans while in net:, it's like being on a Football, Basket Ball team etc). We also have a colour code as well, which splits the name into 3 parts, net = Black, the colon and exclamation mark are a colour of your choice, and then your name is in white, for example net:WalBanger! to get these colours you write ^0net^2:^7WalBanger^2!.
  4. No flaming other People or clans (this means don't be nasty to other people/clans, don't call them names, insult how they play etc). Don't call people n00bs etc, just try to help them............... Try to remember we were all there at 1 time.
  5. No boosting (for example:- at the end of a game don't start saying things like "Look at me I got 8 medals" or "wow did I really kill you 50 times??" cause this can get on peoples nerves, if you are that good people will soon realise.
  6. You must look at forum at least 2 times a week even if you don't leave a message (also use forum to inform of any long term time away, like holidays etc). This is  the main way to find out about things like Clan Matches etc.
  7. No moaning on the server about people using weapons in the game, if 10 people want to use a Panzer then let them. They aren't going to do the Objective with 10 panzers.
  8. Enjoy the GAME