How to become part of our clan
  1. If you are interested in joining our clan you should firstly read our:-
  2. If you agree with the above and are still interested in joining us, you should contact one of our council members on the Server(best) or By Email (these are the ONLY members that can inform you whether you can join or not), these people are:-

    They will then have a little chat with you and inform you whether or not there is room available in the clan.

Once you have been accepted for Trial Membership in the Clan, Then and only THEN!

    When one of our council members has given you the go ahead to join (BUT not before), follow the following steps:-

  1. Change your name to the net: name tag and please keep to this name as it saves a lot of Confusion . We also have a color code as well, which splits the name into 3 parts, net = Black, the colon and exclamation mark are a colour of your choice, and then your name is in white, for example net:WalBanger!, to get these colors you write ^0net^2:^7WalBanger^2!. Also for Trial Membership which last around 1 month, you will required to add [TP] in black, so this would be typed ^0net^1:^7NosFeratu^1!^0[TP] and would look like this net:NosFeratu![TP]
  2. Send Info of yourself for members section (if you dont know what to send speak to 1 of our members) and any photo's you have that I can place on the website, of yourself (and maybe friends family etc if you like) and any pictures you want for website to use as avatars for forums etc to this Email. PLEASE make sure ANY E-Mails you send me has your name on cause I receive to many emails to know who you are.
  3. Then post your name and say hello in our forum.