Scripting and Config-Tuning for Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory

This tutorial is dealing with (hopefully) useful scripts for the Multiplayer Online Game "Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory". Developed by Splashdamage.

Many of the scripts included in this tutorial are not written by myself. They have been collected from various sources all over the internet like Forumposts, websites and the IRC. My part in this was to collect these scripts, writing explanations, more text and to put them into a structure. Yet, some scripts are also written by myself. As much as possible I have mentioned my sources and more links to the topic of scritping for ET at the end of this tutorial.

The tutorial constists of several parts. In the beginning you will find some basic explanations and a little FAQ. Then we move on to useful Scripts,  and a number of various commands, colored names and speech-commands in the end.


  1. Basics/FAQ
  2. Volume Script
  3. Stats/Topshots Script
  4. Command-Map Script
  5. Replay-Script
  6. FOV Field Of Vision-Script
  7. FOV Alternative Field Of Vision- Script
  8. Near/Far Toggle-Script
  9. Spawnpoint Script
  10. Class & Weapon Selection-Script
  11. Namechange-Script
  12. Direct Support Fire Script (only for Field Ops)
  13. Weapon Hide or Show your Main Weapon Script
  14. Binocular-Script
  15. Sniper-Script
  16. Script to stay crouched
  17. Chat Toggle
  18. Suicide-Script
  19. Zoom Mini map in/out
  20. Atmospheric Effects Toggle

Basics / FAQ

Question : What is a config ?
Answer : A config is a .cfg file. It includes commands and settings that can be executed by ET.
ET is automatically creating a config for every player-profile that you create, but we will use an additional config.

Question : Which tool is used to modify a config-file ?
Answer : You may simply use WordPad or The Editor, both tools are already included in any standard Windows Installation.

Question : Which config-file has to be modified ?
Answer : Using WordPad or the Editor you create a file in your etmain folder. Simply open WordPad / Editor and save an empty file with the name of autoexec.cfg to this folder :
c:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\autoexec.cfg
Make sure you donīt save the file as a "text" file, the ending .cfg has to be correct.
It`s ok that this file is empty in the beginning, it`s gonna be filled later with scripts and commands as you advance in this tutorial.

Questions : How do these scripts and commands get activated in a ET-Game ?
Answer : Enemy Territory (ET) is autmatically executing all commands in such an autoexec.cfg file in your etmain folder.
There is also the possibility to manually execute .cfg files. While ET is running, open the console and type :
/exec NameOfConfigFile.cfg
Some settings get activated directly, other after a map-reload (when running config-files manually)

Question : How large may a config-file be ?
Answer : It should not be larger than 16 kb. If your autoexec.cfg tends to be larger than this, create several .cfg files with differen names. Add a line to your autoexec.cfg saying
exec NameOfOtherConfigFile.cfg

Question : How are all these Keys on my Keyboard called that can be used to bind a command to them ?
Answer : Check out this picture, it should be self-explanationary :

Question : How can I use all the many buttons of a Logitech Mouse (like the MX500) ?
Answer : You must have Mouseware 9.76 installed (or a higher version).
If this is not enough, you may install a little patch from Loitech, here you find the download-link :
ET will recognise the Mousebuttons if you bind a mouse-button to a key like "F12" or "DEL" using your Logitech-Mouseware.
I am not going to answer any further questions related to Mouses, please call the hotline of the Company that built your mouse or use google to find any further answers :)

Question : How can I undo a setting that I changed in my config-file ?
Answer : It is not enough to just erase this setting from your config. Instead, you must put the standard-value for the certain option you want to have changed back. You can find out about the standard setting by using the console in ET.
For example if you wanna find out the current value for r_subdivisions and the standard value, go ahead like this :
Open the console and type :
Then, you will see the value that r_subdivisions has at the moment and also the standard value for it.

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Some basic explanations and definitions

If you just wanna use some scripts without understanding them on a deeper level, just go ahead and continue with the "Useful Scripts" section, and leave this part here out.

set, sets, seta are basically doing the same, they are defining a value for avariable.

FPS - "Frames Per Second". If ET has 50 FPS on your computer, the computer is able to put out a new picture of the ingame-graphics 50 times per second. Some people say that 25 FPS means that the graphics are fluently and smooth since "a TV picture also consists of 25 Frames Per Second". It is true, a TV picture is created by 25 single pictures per second. But technically it is projected to the screen in another way than a 3D Computer Game. From 50 FPS onwards, imo you can talk about a fluent gaming experience in a 3D shooter. The more the better ;)

Script - A script consists of a number of commands that could also be used separately. In a script, for example it is defined that pressing a certain button causes several actions in the game, for example this makes it much easier to chose another class you want to spawn in and so on.

Bind - with the bind command, an action can be bind to a specific key, just like you define for example that by pressing Mousebutton 1 you shoot your gun in the normal options menu. In the scripts I mention later on, you will have to replace the "X" with a key that you prefer.

Unbind - a command to unbind a key. Do so by using the console in ET and typing in :
/unbind X
(use any other button instead of "X")

Toggle - with a toggle usually a switch between two values for a variable is bind to a key.

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Useful Scripts

Simply copy/paste the script you want to use to your autoexec.cfg and change the keybindings to suit your needs.

Volume Script
With this volume-script you bind 2 keys that increase / decrease the volume during the game.
// Volume-Script
bind "." "vstr volup"
bind "," "vstr voldown"
set vol00 "set s_volume 0.0;set voldown vstr vol00;set volup vstr vol01;echo Volume ^oO^0=========="
set vol01 "set s_volume 0.1;set voldown vstr vol00;set volup vstr vol02;echo Volume ^0=^oO^0========="
set vol02 "set s_volume 0.2;set voldown vstr vol01;set volup vstr vol03;echo Volume ^0==^oO^0========"
set vol03 "set s_volume 0.3;set voldown vstr vol02;set volup vstr vol04;echo Volume ^0===^oO^0======="
set vol04 "set s_volume 0.4;set voldown vstr vol03;set volup vstr vol05;echo Volume ^0====^oO^0======"
set vol05 "set s_volume 0.5;set voldown vstr vol04;set volup vstr vol06;echo Volume ^0=====^oO^0====="
set vol06 "set s_volume 0.6;set voldown vstr vol05;set volup vstr vol07;echo Volume ^0======^oO^0===="
set vol07 "set s_volume 0.7;set voldown vstr vol06;set volup vstr vol08;echo Volume ^0=======^oO^0==="
set vol08 "set s_volume 0.8;set voldown vstr vol07;set volup vstr vol09;echo Volume ^0========^oO^0=="
set vol09 "set s_volume 0.9;set voldown vstr vol08;set volup vstr vol10;echo Volume ^0=========^oO^0="
set vol10 "set s_volume 1.0;set voldown vstr vol09;set volup vstr vol10;echo Volume ^0==========^oO^0"
set volup vstr vol05
set voldown vstr vol05
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Stats/Topshots Script
By pressing a key, you can see your stats and your topshots at the same time. They stay on the screen until that key is pressed once again.
// Stats & Topshots Script
bind "X" "vstr statisticsall"
set statisticsall "vstr statistics"
set statistics "+topshots;+stats;set statisticsall vstr statistics2"
set statistics2 "-topshots;-stats;set statisticsall vstr statistics"
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Command-Map Script
Displays the command-map until the key is pressed again.
//Command map script
bind "X" "vstr map"
set mapout "+mapexpand; set map vstr mapin"
set mapin "-mapexpand; set map vstr mapout"
set map "vstr mapout"
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stops/starts a replay-recording by pressind a key. First key press Starts replay recording.
// Replay-Script
bind "F12" "vstr demotoggle"
set demostart "set demotoggle vstr demostop; autorecord; echo ^0Record ^oON"
set demostop "set demotoggle vstr demostart; stoprecord; echo ^0Record ^oOFF"
set demotoggle "vstr demostop"
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Field Of Vision-Script
With 2 keys you can increase and decrease your fov between a value of 90 and 120 degrees.
A fov of 120 is usually the highst that leagues and tournaments allow the players to use.
// fov-Script
bind "X" "vstr fdn"
bind "T" "vstr fup"
set fdn vstr fov90
set fup vstr fov95
set fov90 "cg_fov 90;set fdn vstr fov90;set fup vstr fov95;echo fov 90"
set fov95 "cg_fov 95;set fdn vstr fov90;set fup vstr fov100;echo fov 95"
set fov100 "cg_fov 100;set fdn vstr fov95;set fup vstr fov105;echo fov 100"
set fov105 "cg_fov 105;set fdn vstr fov100;set fup vstr fov110;echo fov 105"
set fov110 "cg_fov 110;set fdn vstr fov105;set fup vstr fov115;echo fov 110"
set fov115 "cg_fov 115;set fdn vstr fov110;set fup vstr fov120;echo fov 115"
set fov120 "cg_fov 120;set fdn vstr fov115;set fup vstr fov125;echo fov 120"
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Alternative Field Of Vision- Script
Using the cycle command, you can switch the fov from 90 to 120 in steps of 5 degrees.
You cannot decrease the fov with this script, but it starts with 90 again after you reach 120.
// alternatives fov-Script
bind "X" "cycle fov 90 120 5"
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Near/Far Toggle-Script
For a long range shooting players often use different settings than in a close-up infight.
This script sets different values for your crosshair, fov, crosshairsize and your mouse-sensitivity.
By pressing the key that you bind the script to, you can switch between the settings for long distance shootings and close up infights.
Please note that you will have to customise the settings so that they suit you. The values included here are just meant to give an example of what the script is about.
// Near/Far Toggle-Script
bind "X" "vstr crosssensitoggle"
set far "set crosssensitoggle vstr far;cg_fov 90;cg_drawcrosshair 5;cg_crosshairsize 50;sensitivity 2.5"
set near "set crosssensitoggle vstr near;cg_fov 105;cg_drawcrosshair 9;cg_crosshairsize 70;sensitivity 4.5"
set crosssensitoggle "vstr near"
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Spawnpoint Script
This script uses 12 more little config-files. Download them and unzip them into your etmain folder :
By pressing the defined keys you can select the map and the side (Axis or Allies) you are playing currently.
After that you use another defined key to select the spawnpoint where you wanna spawn.
Standard-Key for selecting the spawnpoint is "o" thats next to P. You must change that key in each of the 12 config-files to choose another key that suits you.
The main part of this script as seen below has to be copied into your autoexec.cfg .
// Spawnpoint-Script (there are 12 more config-files that go along with this script !)
bind "i" "vstr maptoggle"
SET maptoggle "vstr maptoggle1"
SET maptoggle1 "exec al_radar.cfg; set maptoggle vstr maptoggle2"
SET maptoggle2 "exec al_rail_gun.cfg; set maptoggle vstr maptoggle3"
SET maptoggle3 "exec al_fuel_dump.cfg; set maptoggle vstr maptoggle4"
SET maptoggle4 "exec al_oasis.cfg; set maptoggle vstr maptoggle5"
SET maptoggle5 "exec al_battery.cfg; set maptoggle vstr maptoggle6"
SET maptoggle6 "exec al_gold_rush.cfg; set maptoggle vstr maptoggle7"
SET maptoggle7 "exec ax_radar.cfg; set maptoggle vstr maptoggle8"
SET maptoggle8 "exec ax_rail_gun.cfg; set maptoggle vstr maptoggle9"
SET maptoggle9 "exec ax_fuel_dump.cfg; set maptoggle vstr maptoggle10"
SET maptoggle10 "exec ax_oasis.cfg; set maptoggle vstr maptoggle11"
SET maptoggle11 "exec ax_battery.cfg; set maptoggle vstr maptoggle12"
SET maptoggle12 "exec ax_gold_rush.cfg; set maptoggle vstr maptoggle1"
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Class & Weapon Selection-Script
This script is done by www.cowboyscripts.org and has just been modified a little bit by me since the spawnpoint toggle that was originally included is not as comfortable as the one in the script above.
Since this script here is rather long, you should save it in an extra config-file and add the line to your autoexec.cfg:
exec NameOfExtraConfig.cfg
In the User-Section of this Script there are altogether 10 keys defined so choose them carefully :)
Attention : Before entering the game in a certain class, you must alway chose a side (Axis or Allies) which you want to play !
// Class & Weapon Section-Script
// ################################
// ################################
set quick_pick "vstr br_medic1"
set do_bind_quick_pick "bind X vstr quick_pick"
set do_bind_sayclass "bind X vstr say_class"
set do_bind_team_allies "bind X vstr set_team_b"
set do_bind_team_axis "bind X vstr set_team_r"
set do_bind_team_spec "bind X vstr set_team_s"
set do_bind_class_select "bind X vstr br_covert; bind X vstr br_soldier; bind X vstr br_fldops; bind X vstr br_eng; bind X vstr br_medic"
// #######################################
// #######################################
set teamed_true "set spawncycle "vstr set_spawn0"; set spawnreset "vstr set_spawn0"; vstr spawncycle; vstr set_class; vstr say_class; vstr reset_cyclers"
set teamed_false "set spawncycle "vstr spawncycle_s"; set spawnreset "vstr spawncycle_s"; set set_class "vstr set_class_s"; set say_class "vstr say_class_s"; set say_spawn "vstr say_spawn_s"; vstr reset_cyclers"

set set_team_b "echo ^4[^7Allies^4]; set set_class "vstr set_class_b"; set say_class "vstr b_class_say"; vstr teamed_true"
set set_team_r "echo ^1[^7Axis^1]; set set_class "vstr set_class_r"; set say_class "vstr r_class_say"; vstr teamed_true"

set set_team_s "echo ^2[^7Spectator^2]; vstr teamed_false; team s"

set set_class_s "vstr play_sound; vstr b_class_echo"
set set_class_b "vstr play_sound; vstr b_team; vstr b_class_echo"
set set_class_r "vstr play_sound; vstr r_team; vstr r_class_echo"

set say_class_s "echo You need to ^3choose a team^7 before your class can be announced!"
set br_covert1 "vstr b_covert1; vstr r_covert1; vstr set_class; vstr reset_cyclers; set br_covert "vstr br_covert2""
set br_covert2 "vstr b_covert2; vstr r_covert2; vstr set_class; vstr reset_cyclers; set br_covert "vstr br_covert3""
set br_covert3 "vstr b_covert3; vstr r_covert3; vstr set_class; vstr reset_cyclers; set br_covert "vstr br_covert1""

set br_soldier1 "vstr b_soldier1; vstr r_soldier1; vstr set_class; vstr reset_cyclers; set br_soldier "vstr br_soldier2""
set br_soldier2 "vstr b_soldier2; vstr r_soldier2; vstr set_class; vstr reset_cyclers; set br_soldier "vstr br_soldier3""
set br_soldier3 "vstr b_soldier3; vstr r_soldier3; vstr set_class; vstr reset_cyclers; set br_soldier "vstr br_soldier4""
set br_soldier4 "vstr b_soldier4; vstr r_soldier4; vstr set_class; vstr reset_cyclers; set br_soldier "vstr br_soldier1""

set br_fldops1 "vstr b_fldops1; vstr r_fldops1; vstr set_class; vstr reset_cyclers"

set br_eng1 "vstr b_eng1; vstr r_eng1; vstr set_class; vstr reset_cyclers; set br_eng "vstr br_eng2""
set br_eng2 "vstr b_eng2; vstr r_eng2; vstr set_class; vstr reset_cyclers; set br_eng "vstr br_eng1""

set br_medic1 "vstr b_medic1; vstr r_medic1; vstr set_class; vstr reset_cyclers"

set reset_cyclers "set br_covert "vstr br_covert1"; set br_soldier "vstr br_soldier1"; set br_fldops "vstr br_fldops1"; set br_eng "vstr
br_eng1"; set br_medic "vstr br_medic1""
set b_covert1 "set b_team "team b 4 10"; set b_class_echo "echo ^5Covert Ops ^7with ^3Sten"; set b_class_say "say_team ^5Covert Ops ^7with ^3Sten""
set b_covert2 "set b_team "team b 4 33"; set b_class_echo "echo ^5Covert Ops ^7with ^3FG42"; set b_class_say "say_team ^5Covert Ops ^7with ^3FG42""
set b_covert3 "set b_team "team b 4 25"; set b_class_echo "echo ^5Covert Ops ^7with ^3K43"; set b_class_say "say_team ^5Covert Ops ^7with ^3K43""

set b_soldier1 "set b_team "team b 0 31"; set b_class_echo "echo ^2Soldier ^7with ^3MG42"; set b_class_say "say_team ^2Soldier ^7with ^3MG42""
set b_soldier2 "set b_team "team b 0 6"; set b_class_echo "echo ^2Soldier ^7with ^3Flamethrower"; set b_class_say "say_team ^2Soldier ^7with ^3Flamethrower""
set b_soldier3 "set b_team "team b 0 5"; set b_class_echo "echo ^2Soldier ^7with ^3Panzerfaust"; set b_class_say "say_team ^2Soldier ^7with ^3Panzerfaust""
set b_soldier4 "set b_team "team b 0 35"; set b_class_echo "echo ^2Soldier ^7with ^3Mortar"; set b_class_say "say_team ^2Soldier ^7with ^3Mortar""

set b_fldops1 "set b_team "team b 3 8"; set b_class_echo "echo ^8Field Ops ^7with ^3Thompson"; set b_class_say "say_team ^8Field Ops ^7with ^3Thompson""

set b_eng1 "set b_team "team b 2 8"; set b_class_echo "echo ^6Engineer ^7with ^3Thompson"; set b_class_say "say_team ^6Engineer ^7with ^3Thompson""
set b_eng2 "set b_team "team b 2 24"; set b_class_echo "echo ^6Engineer ^7with ^3M1 Garand"; set b_class_say "say_team ^6Engineer ^7with ^3M1 Garand""

set b_medic1 "set b_team "team b 1 8"; set b_class_echo "echo ^1Medic ^7with ^3Thompson"; set b_class_say "say_team ^1Medic ^7with ^3Thompson""
set r_covert1 "set r_team "team r 4 10"; set r_class_echo "echo ^5Covert Ops ^7with ^3Sten"; set r_class_say "say_team ^5Covert Ops ^7with ^3Sten""
set r_covert2 "set r_team "team r 4 33"; set r_class_echo "echo ^5Covert Ops ^7with ^3FG42"; set r_class_say "say_team ^5Covert Ops ^7with ^3FG42""
set r_covert3 "set r_team "team r 4 32"; set r_class_echo "echo ^5Covert Ops ^7with ^3K43"; set r_class_say "say_team ^5Covert Ops ^7with ^3K43""

set r_soldier1 "set r_team "team r 0 31"; set r_class_echo "echo ^2Soldier ^7with ^3MG42"; set r_class_say "say_team ^2Soldier ^7with ^3MG42""
set r_soldier2 "set r_team "team r 0 6"; set r_class_echo "echo ^2Soldier ^7with ^3Flamethrower"; set r_class_say "say_team ^2Soldier ^7with ^3Flamethrower""
set r_soldier3 "set r_team "team r 0 5"; set r_class_echo "echo ^2Soldier ^7with ^3Panzerfaust"; set r_class_say "say_team ^2Soldier
^7with ^3Panzerfaust""
set r_soldier4 "set r_team "team r 0 35"; set r_class_echo "echo ^2Soldier ^7with ^3Mortar"; set r_class_say "say_team ^2Soldier ^7with ^3Mortar""

set r_fldops1 "set r_team "team r 3 3"; set r_class_echo "echo ^8Field Ops ^7with ^3MP 40"; set r_class_say "say_team ^8Field Ops ^7with ^3MP 40""

set r_eng1 "set r_team "team r 2 3"; set r_class_echo "echo ^6Engineer ^7with ^3MP 40"; set r_class_say "say_team ^6Engineer ^7with ^3MP 40""
set r_eng2 "set r_team "team r 2 23"; set r_class_echo "echo ^6Engineer ^7with ^3K43"; set r_class_say "say_team ^6Engineer ^7with ^3K43""

set r_medic1 "set r_team "team r 1 3"; set r_class_echo "echo ^1Medic ^7with ^3MP 40"; set r_class_say "say_team ^1Medic ^7with ^3MP 40""
vstr teamed_false
vstr do_bind_sayclass
vstr do_bind_quick_pick
vstr do_bind_team_allies
vstr do_bind_team_axis
vstr do_bind_team_spec
vstr do_bind_class_select
vstr do_bind_spawncycle
vstr do_bind_spawnreset
vstr do_bind_sayspawn
echo "Choosing Quick-Pick Loadout:"
vstr quick_pick
echo "^5Super^7-^5ET^7-^5Selector^7 ^51^7.^51^7 by ^3]CkB[^6Cowboy^7
//This is the end of the Class & Weapon Selection-Script
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By using this script you can switch through 3 self-defined playernames.
Normal Namescripts like in Q3 or RTCW have alittle bug in ET so that no capital letters can be used. So this script is a little less elegant but at least it works :)
Please create 3 extra config-files entitled name1.cfg, name2.cfg ans name3.cfg in your etmain folder and insert the line
seta name "MyNameVariation1"
to name1.cfg and
seta name "MyNameVariation2"
in the name2.cfg and
seta name "MyNameVariation3"
to name3.cfg
Choose names you prefer and course you may use the color codes that are mentioned later on in this tutorial.

// Namechange-Script
bind "X" "vstr namechange"
set name1 "exec name1.cfg; set namechange vstr name2"
set name2 "exec name2.cfg; set namechange vstr name3"
set name3 "exec name3.cfg; set namechange vstr name1"
set namechange "vstr name1"
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Direct Support Fire Script (only for Field Ops)
With this script, a Field Ops requests a support fire by pressing the defined key. It happens quite quick, so be sure that you have your crosshair pointing directly on your target since there is no phase anymore where you can choose a target through your binoculars.

// Direct Support Fire Script (only for für Field Ops)
bind "X" "+zoom;+attack;-attack;-zoom"
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Hide or Show your Main Weapon Script

// Hide or Show you Main Weapon Script
set Guntog1 "cg_drawgun 0; set Guntog vstr Guntog2; echo ^0Gun Skin ^oOFF"
set Guntog2 "cg_drawgun 1; set Guntog vstr Guntog1; echo ^0Gun Skin ^oON"
set Guntog "vstr Guntog2"
bind T "vstr Guntog"
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With this script you can switch to binocular-sight and you only leave this sight again when the key is pressed again.
// Binocular-Script
bind "X" "vstr binocular"
set bino_on "+zoom; set binocular vstr bino_off"
set bino_off "-zoom; set binocular vstr bino_on"
set binocular "vstr bino_on"
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This script is for lazy snipers that want to press one key to crouch and change to the zoom of the sniper. Press the key again to stand up and switch to normal sight.
// Sniper-Script
bind "X" "vstr nextsnipecrouchtoggle"
set snipecrouch "+movedown; weapalt; set nextsnipecrouchtoggle vstr
set snipestand "-movedown; weapalt; set nextsnipecrouchtoggle vstr snipecrouch"
set nextsnipecrouchtoggle "vstr snipecrouch"
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Script to stay crouched
With this script a player can croch and stay like this until the key is pressed again.
// Script to stay crouched
bind "X" "vstr crouchswitch
set duck "+movedown; set crouchswitch vstr stand"
set stand "-movedown; set crouchswitch vstr duck"
set crouchswitch "vstr duck"
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By pressing a key, you can switch off all global chat.
Switch everything back to normal by pressing the button again.
// Teamchat-Toggle
bind "X" "toggle cg_teamchatonly"
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Not really a script but very useful : By pressing a key you commit suicide to be able to spawn in another class for example.
// Suicide-Script
bind "X" "kill"
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Zoom Mini map in/out

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Atmospheric Effects Toggle

// Atmospheric Effects Toggle
// ---------------------------------------
set atmtog1 "cg_atmosphericeffects 0; set atmtog vstr atmtog2; echo ^0Atmospheric Effects ^oOFF"
set atmtog2 "cg_atmosphericeffects 1; set atmtog vstr atmtog1; echo ^0Atmospheric Effects ^oON"
set atmtog "vstr atmtog2"
bind X "vstr atmtog"

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Network Settings & more

seta com_hunkmegs "Wert" // defines how much RAm your PC reserves for ET. If you have 512 mb RAM, you can safely choose a value of 200.
seta com_soundmegs "Wert" // defines, how much RAM your PC reserves for the sound of ET, 32 is ok if you have 512 mb RAM
seta cl_timenudge "Wert" // default is "0" . Negative values are used to simulate lesserpings, but if you go too low you start lagging and see your opponents move no longer smoothly. Some leagues donīt allow negative values at all, some up to -20. Positive values donīt make sense at all, btw.
seta cl_allowdownload "1/0" // defines if you get files from the server if your client doesnīt have them (custom maps for example). default and recommended is "1". if The server wants to send you maps that are not running on it at the moment, try to set this to "0" and reconnect, sometimes this helps.

Network-Settings for Modem-Users (56k)
seta cl_maxpackets "30"
seta snaps "20"
seta rate "5000"

Network Settings for ISDN Users
seta cl_maxpackets "60
seta snaps "40"
seta rate "7000"

Network Settings for DSL, Cable and other broadband connections
seta cl_maxpackets "60"
seta snaps "40"
seta rate "25000"
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Namesettings and Colors

There is an easy to use program on the download setion that is good or even better than this, if you would prefer to use that....

seta name "blaaaahhhh"
with this command, you define your playername in the game. To add colors to it, use the color-codes below, the always start with ^

A colored name would look like this for example :
seta name "^2c^5o^8l^ko^pr^he^1d ^7Noob"



There is the possiblity to bind all the speech-commands from the quickchat menu to a key.
Many players use this to have even faster access to certain speech-commdands.
There are 3 possiblities : speech can be heard by all players on the server or only by your Teammates.

Speech-Command to all people on the server :
bind "X" "vsay Sorry" // As an example, this will give out "Sorry"

Speech-Command to all players in your team :
bind "X" "vsay_team NeedEngineer" // As an example, this will give out "We need an Engineer"

PathCleared "Path cleared."
EnemyWeak "The enemy is weakened."
AllClear "All clear."
Incoming "Incoming!"
FireInTheHole "Fire in the hole!"
OnDefense "I'm on defense."
OnOffense "I'm attacking."
TakingFire "Taking fire!"
MinesCleared "Mines cleared."
OnMyWay "On my way."
NeedBackup "I need backup!"
CoverMe "Cover me!"
NeedEngineer "We need an engineer!"
NeedOps "We need Covert Ops!"
Medic "Medic!"
NeedAmmo "I need ammo!"
NeedTarget "I need a target!"
WhereTo "Where to?"
FollowMe "Follow me!"
LetsGo "Let's go!"
Move "Move!"
ClearPath "Clear the path!"
HoldFire "Hold fire!"
DefendObjective "Defend our objective!"
DisarmDynamite "Disarm the dynamite!"
ClearMines "Clear the mines!"
ReinforceDefense "Reinforce the defense!"
ReinforceOffense "Reinforce the offense!"
DestroyPrimary "Destroy the primary objective!"
DestroySecondary "Destroy the secondary objective!"
DestroyConstruction "Destroy the construction!"
ObjectiveDestroyed "Objective destroyed!"
RepairVehicle "Repair the vehicle!"
DestroyVehicle "Destroy the vehicle!"
EscortVehicle "Escort the vehicle!"
FireOnTarget "Fire on my target!"
CommandAcknowledged "Command acknowledged!"
CommandDeclined "Command declined!"
CommandCompleted "Command completed!"
ConstructionCommencing "Construction underway!"
ConstructionCompleted "Construction completed!"
ConstructionDestroyed "Construction destroyed!"
ObjectiveFailed "Objective failed!"
ObjectiveCompleted "Objective completed!"
Affirmative "Yes!"
Negative "No!"
Thanks "Thanks a lot!"
Welcome "You're welcome."
Oops "Oops!"
Sorry "Sorry!"
Hi "Hi!"
Bye "Bye."
Cheer "Yeah!"
GreatShot "Great shot!"
GoodGame "Good game!"
IamSoldier "I'm a soldier."
IamMedic "I'm a medic."
IamEngineer "I'm an engineer."
IamFieldOps "I'm a field ops."
IamCovertOps "I'm a covert ops."
FTMeetWaypoint "Meet at waypoint!"
FTAttackWaypoint "Attack waypoint!"
FTDefendWaypoint "Defend waypoint"
FTAttack "Attack!"
FTFallBack "Fall back!"
FTCoverMe "Cover me!"
FTCoveringFire "Soldier, covering fire!"
FTMortar "Deploy mortar!"
FTHealSquad "Heal the squad!"
FTHealMe "Heal me!"
FTReviveTeamMate "Revive team mate!"
FTReviveMe "Revive me!"
FTDestroyObjective "Destroy objective!"
FTRepairObjective "Repair objective!"
FTConstructObjective "Construct the objective!"
FTDisarmDynamite "Disarm the dynamite!"
FTDeployLandmines "Deploy landmines!"
FTDisarmLandmines "Disarm landmines!"
FTCallAirStrike "Call airstrike!"
FTCallArtillery "Call artillery!"
FTMortarBarrage "Call mortar barrage!"
FTResupplySquad "Resupply squad!"
FTResupplyMe "Resupply me!"
FTExploreArea "Explore area!"
FTExploreAtCoordinates "Explore at co-ordinates!"
FTSatchelObjective "Destroy satchel objective!"
FTInfiltrate "Infiltrate!"
FTGoUndercover "Go undercover!"
FTProvideSniperCover "Provide sniper cover!"

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