Return to Castle Wolfenstein Secrets Guide
by Pappy-R

Note: This guide is not for the Xbox or PlayStation 2 versions of the game! Some similarities exist, but this guide is not intended for use with those game versions.

Warning! I'm about to spoil all your fun! If you enjoy finding game secrets, don't read this spoiler. If you're new to the world of FPS secrets, or are stumped, then read on 'cause this may help. The following pages list, explain and show all of the secrets in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, so don't say I didn't warn you.

There's nothing quite like an
id Software title to satisfy the "secrets fetish" in some gamers. For me at least, the thought of going after all those goodies the developers have so vainly tried to hide is enough to make me dim the lights and crank up a good all night treasure hunt. RtCW did not dissappoint, and we have Gray Matter to thank.

The art of "secret searching" (yes it's an art) is something that must be done a specific way, per game, to satisfy. Using things like a noclip cheat doesn't always do the trick and is far less satisfying than finding the treasure by breaking map items, crawling to and scooping the goods. In Wolf, you have what I call a "world nose" to help you find most of the game's secret stashes. When you have something in the map close to your face, your "world nose" will tell you (by use of icons) if you can break, grab or open the item or small area. That makes it sound easy, but the designers took that into consideration and threw in some "flick and run" or "remember this for later" based secrets that once found will make you smile at the very least. The levels are big and full of objects, doors and interactive bits that will have your icons flashing up a storm, but only certain things are secrets, and they're marked clearly so you'll know when ya get one.

The following guide lists each map, secret and info on each secret as well as containing a pic for each secret. Some things may not be done in the order you choose to do them since the game does allow some variation in path on some levels. Use the pics to guide you, they're the key. Now let's rock!

Mission 1: Ominous Rumors
Level 1: Escape (7 secrets)

Level 2: Castle Keep (4 secrets)
Level 3: Tram Ride (0 secrets)

Mission 2: Dark Secrets
Level 1: Village (2 secrets)
Level 2: The Catacombs (1 secret)
Level 3: The Crypt (2 secrets)
Level 4: The Defiled Church (1 secret)
Level 5: Tomb (0 secrets)

Mission 3: Weapons of Vengeance
Level 1: Forest Compound (1 secret)
Level 2: Rocket Base (1 secret)
Level 3: Radar Installation (1 secret)
Level 4: Air Base Assault (0 secrets)

Mission 4: Deadly Design
Level 1: Kugelstadt (1 secret)
Level 2: The Bombed Factory (0 secrets)
Level 3: The Trainyards (2 secrets)
Level 4: Secret Weapons Facility (4 secrets)

Mission 5: Deathshead's Playground
Level 1: Ice Station Norway (1 secret)
Level 2: X-Labs (1 secret)
Level 3: Super Soldier Chambers (0 secrets)

Mission 6: Return Engagement
Level 1: Bramburg Dam (1 secret)
Level 2: Paderborn Village (5 secrets)
Level 3: Chateau Schuftaffel (2 secrets)
Level 4: Unhallowed Ground (1 secret)

Mission 7: Operation Resurection
Level 1: The Dig (2 secrets)
Level 2: Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2 secrets)
Level 3: Heinrich (0 secrets)