Basic Team Techniques


For many people, RTCW is the first team-based FPS they've played. If you're like me, I've played a lot of FPS games, but mostly deathmatch or team deathmatch, nothing like the interdependent class-based system in RTCW. Teamwork is the key to success and many effective team techniques can be practiced with other people you haven't 'trained' with. It's a matter of everyone understanding some fundamentals and understanding what others are trying to do. What I'd like to do now is discuss some basic fire team (e.g., small teams of 2-4) concepts - not the entire Allied or Axis team, but techniques you can use with just one or two others.


Team Integrity



Actions on contact

Setting up interlocking fields of fire

In this illustration, I've set up a blocking team of 2 shooters and a medic. Their job is to prevent Allied entry into No Man's Land. Both gunners are shooting diagonally into the tunnel and have nice interlocking fires at the mouth of the tunnel. Neither is shooting directly at the other. A medic stands by in cover to pick up any Allied soldiers who might get through and to patch up any damage either of the two shooters might take.

Working with other classes (Very Basic)

I'm only going to offer very basic tips about working with other classes. There is too much to write about to discuss any particular class in detail. I do recommend that you take a few turns playing each of the other classes so that you gain a better understanding of where they might need support.