A Beginner's Guide to Weapons
-by WikingTOR & Pixie


When your Panzer is reloading, your sniper position is revealed and you have to encounter close combat, or your SMG is out of ammo, what do you do? You whip out your trusty sidearm and humiliate your opponent with a weapon that is smaller than his!

Submachine Guns (SMGs)

The most commonly used weapons in Enemy Territory are the SMGs. It's the only choice for Field Ops and Medics, and obviously you'll also see many Engineers using these. Maybe even the occasional Soldier. Each SMG has its own characteristics but in general there are a few tips you always should keep in mind when using one of these babies. As often as possible you should crouch or prone when firing. This greatly increases your accuracy and thus saves ammo by taking down your opponent faster than it otherwise would. Also, you should aim for the head. Headshots are wicked, and if you can land one or two of those your opponent will be calling for a medic before he knew what hit him.

Another useful thing to remember is to fire in bursts, make it a habit to fire like 5 shots, stop, and fire another 5 round. Also if you can avoid it, don't go anywhere without a full clip of ammo, after a fire fight reload so that your clip is full. If you have to reload in the middle of a hand to hand fight it might very well be the end of you. So the main thing to remember is: fire in burst, duck, reload and repeat.