All members of this clan must follow the Code Of Conduct, which is: - 

  1. Because of the Clan size LIMIT if at any point you decide to leave, PLZ inform a council member so that we can let somebody else into the empty spot

  2. Represent _NeT_AnGeLs_ with pride, dignity, honor, fairness, honest and confidence and our clan will always be strong and respected.

  3. No cheating (if someone beats you then they beat you, and they deserve the credit just learn from what made you lose J).

  4. You may only play under the _NeT_ name tag (i.e you may not be in other clans while in _NeT_, it's like being on a Football, Basket Ball team etc)

  5. No one quits a game till all your team mates agree (plus if you are getting a beating let your enemy have some fun by finishing you off, there is nothing  worse than building up a large army, of say, PALADINS and just as you are about to attack with them your enemy gives up L,,,,this is up to you it's just a personal thing,,,,,,, BUT you must NEVER quit on your team mate).

  6. No flaming other People or clans (this means don't be nasty to other people/clans,, call them names insult how they play etc).

  7. Members should be curtious to other members and repect one another.

  8. Don't play against other members in rated games (unless both parties agree) and don't smurf clan mates or other gamers.

  9. Please add a link to this website on your ZONE profile...

  10. You must look at forum at least 2 times a week even if you don't leave a message (also use forum to inform of any long term time away, like holidays etc).

  11. No Point Trading or any other form of way to cheat the systems in place to make the games enjoyable.

  12. Enjoy the GAME JJJJJJJJJ