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Welcome to the download page here you will find Lots of things to download like some useful and other just fun J hope you find them helpful and funny. The downloads have been rated for more convenience from 1-10.......   1=Not that good........  10=You must get/look at this.....

Age Of Empire TC Related Downloads
Download Name Description of download Size Click link below to down load Rating
AoC 1.0c Patch Needed to play games on the Zone... New things include anti Cheat patch to stop "see all Map" cheats.... English Version 4.0m AoC 1.0c Patch English Version

Other Versions

AoC 1.0c Fast Patch (CD not needed) Start games up to 60 secs faster! You must have the 1.0c patch already. Cd drive doesn't read cd to get to set up screen. see .txt document to see how to install... 1.2m AoC 1.0c Fast Patch 6
AoC 1.0d  Patch  This was made by the person who created 90%+ of the cheats used on the zone, and is supposed to stop HIS cheats working. 
Easy to install just unzip and click the Install Button and its easy to uninstall to just 1 button again.
1.1m AoC 1.0d Patch 7
AoC Save Game Tool 3 This is a really cool program if you use RECORD games a lot, it shows you who was playing in game and the chat in it, it also allows you to do other cool things to, well worth a look. Plz Note if your Regional settings are not set to English then you may have a few problems, but so far have only found problems with Danish. 1.63m Save Game Tool 3 9
Rating Calculator Ever wanted to know how your ZONE rating was worked out, how some games you got 20 points and other times only 8 points??? well now you can find out, just have a look at this web page (not a download) 0.0k Calculator 4
Choice of Kings Every wanted to try a new combination of units and don't know what civ is best for that combo well now there is an easy way to find out... Just download this and see which civ is best 196k Choice of kings 5
 AoK TC Counter Chart With the original AoK game you were given a Laminated fold up sheet telling you a few things about the game One of the pages told you what units to use Vs other Units attacking you.... Unfortunately they didn't produce one for AoK TC expansion so someone has kindly made one...This is a very useful set of tables that allow you to quickly see what units to use against the attack on your base.. 6k AoK TC Counter Unit Table 4 (if you already have original)
5 (if you Don't Have original)
Remove Snow Patch Are you fed up of not being able to see your units/Relics etc on the map sometimes because of the snow???.... Yes it looks pretty but it hinders your gaming play (especially if you are color blind like me J) Well this is your answer to the problem with this simple to install patch it removes the snow from the map, but still leaves a bit of snow on the tops of buildings.... The patch is easy to remove as well if you decide to change your mind.... 29k Remove Show Patch 5
Zone Ad + Emoticon Remover This will remove the ads off of your Zone Messages and/or the Emoticons in the game rooms  113k Ad Remover 7
Zone Answer Machine Very handy tool that replies to people if they send you a message on Zone Friends while you are away. 1.7m Zone Answer Machine 7
Media player AoC skin (Windows) This turns your Windows Media player normal skin into an  AoC skin, worth a look if nothing else -_- 132k Media AoC Skin 3
Pandora's Box AoK Puzzle This is a picture puzzle game, like the ones that you mix the pieces up then slide them round till it's back to normal, but with a TWIST J. 3.14m AoK Puzzle A Cool
Easy Zone Login page

1) Open Note Pad and copy-paste the below script into it.

<SCRIPT language="javascript">
function run() {

hermes = window.open('http://login.passport.net/uilogin.srf','conquerors','width=790,height=590,location=1,menubar=1,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,status=0,titlebar=1,toolbar=1');
setTimeout("hermes.location.href = 'https://login.passport.com/ppsecure/post.srf?id=20960&ru=http://zone.msn.com/conquerors/&login='+login+'&passwd='+password",4500);
<BODY onload="run()">
You can close this window when the zone-page has loaded.

2) Replace PASSPORT with your passport. Example (yourmail@hotmail.com)
3) Replace PASSWORD with your own  password. Example (yourpassword)
4) Save the file as:-  ZoneLogin.htm (so its a web page)
5) and leave it on your desktop for easy reach to log on to the zone, just double click as normal.
Important:- It looks like it dosnt work proparly and opens other windows, DONT worry just leave it for a while until it says:-
"The web page you are viewing is trying to close the window"
and just click YES and wait a bit longer. Updated 16/06/04

-- ------- Very handy Especially if you are having troubles loging in.


_NeT_ Room Effects Well here are some Cool things you can add to the Zone Game rooms to make them more 
interesting, all you have to do is Cut and paste the following designs into the Game 
Description box and then when ever anyone click on the "INFO" button of your game 
room they will see the cool design ^-_-^ (Keep it on your desk top for easy access)

( )
 | NeT-Clan | 
/ /\ \ 
 (_) (_)  

1k _NeT_ Room Effects 5
_NeT_ Zone Names This is a list of members Zone Names....... Last up dated 16/06/04 0k _NeT_Zone Names 1


Other Downloads
Download Name Description of download Size Click link below to down load Rating
Search & Destroy Spy Bots + Anti Pop-ups

Search and destroy over 4000 spy-bots running on your computer just install this program and click on "check for Problems" and you will get a lot of names with square boxes on the screen some of which are Ticked, at the end of the search click on "fix Problems" (this will ONLY get rid of the Ticked boxes, which I advise :D)

Stop pop-ups with some help from Google
Google makes a great toolbar add-on that does two main functions (among others):
- ( 1 ) It has a quick search box for doing Google searches
- ( 2 ) It has a pop-up blocker for Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater
All you need to do is go to :: (toolbar.google.com)
Follow the instructions, download and install, and you will be safely blocking pop-ups

NOTE: The next version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is supposed to have this feature built-in

2.3m Spy-Bot Destroyer Very Nice
Visual Boy Advanced This is a colored Game Boy advanced Emulator, you need this to play Yu-Gi-Oh below. 452k Game Boy Emulator Needed 5
Yu-Gi-Oh The Game Fantastic game for the Visual Boy Emulator above, Pity its not 3d graphics but still very addictive -_-. If you need help on how to play and what things do (cause it is quit complicated) go here http://www.yugioh-card.com  5.1m Yu-Gi-Oh Much Fun
Roger Wilko This is so useful, its so good a friend of mine thought it was cheating.. how good is it to be able to tell your friends more accurately and faster about things happening in the game. Not only is it great for the game but you can use it to talk to people out side of the game (i.e. when you are just surfing the net as usual instead of using zone friends etc)..... Also for people who have same I.P address all the time (i.e. Cable users) if they are in the middle of a game and you want to know if to wait for them or not, you can actually enter the I.P and ask them how long they are going to be.

Stats------ Band width= Voice streams use 2400 bps
                 CPU Use   = A P2 450 CPU use is 7% when sending and half that when receiving a transmission. It uses negligible resources when the channel is idle.

                 Ram Use   = About 2MB of RAM (code + data) when running.

356K Roger Wilko A Beastie
Virtuell Machine MS Java Virtuell Machine for  Windows 2k & XP,necessary to get Java applications working 5.3m Virtuell Machine Needed