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Welcome to the recorded games page, here you will find lots of recorded games which you can watch to learn from, or just watch for fun J.....
All games are 1.0c patch, so you need the patch  to watch the games L.... Get patch from our download section or click here DOWNLOAD 1.0c PATCH............... 

How can I watch a recorded game? click here

All the games are rated so you can tell weather or not it's worth you downloading it or not.... The games are rated under 3 categories ranging from 0%-100%,, 0% being not good under this categories and 100% being the best under that categories:-

  1. Learn      This tells you if it is a good example of how to do a certain tactic, and how much you can learn from it

  2. Watch     This tells you if its a game you can watch over and over again

  3. Action     This tells you if there is lots of action going all through the game

Click on the link below to see the different types of recorded games:-

= New Recorded Games


  Quick Description Full Description _NeT_ Win or Lose Click on the link below to download recorded games Learn Watch Action


Alliance Cup

round 1

 _NeT_WalBanger takes on SmackdownMac in first round of tournament (neither play a good game) (size 138k).


1v1 Round 1 Download

5% 50% 50%
Alliance Cup

round 4
_NeT_WalBanger takes on Ice_JM in 4th round of tournament (size 186k).  Win 1v1 Round 4 Download 30% 70% 70%
Alliance Cup

round 5
_NeT_WalBanger takes on L_Clan_GeeK in 4th round of tournament, im a bit ashamed to put this record up, as it is probably the worst game I have ever played L. but here it is anyway (size 149k). Lose 1v1 Round 5 Download 60% 40% 70%
  1v1 Funny Stuff This is FUNNY (well I think so) this was done by accident while Walbanger was showing Eric the basics J. It's a tactic I use sometimes on Yucatan maps Vs lower skilled players by making there hunters walk into packs of wolves, watch the computer resign when it losses to many vills (size 123k) N/A Funny DownLoad 5% 10% 10%



Clan Wars

  Quick Description Full Description _NeT_ Win or Lose Click on the link below to download recorded games Learn Watch Action


2v2 Yucatan _NeT_ Vs _IL_ Clan

_Net_N_BeAsT gets in a bit of trouble but with the help of _NeT_WalBanger he manages to hold on (1000 plus kills for WalBanger) _IL_March did well not to resign. 1hr 46mins (size 327k).


2v2 Yucatan Download

5% 50% 70%
2v2 BF _NeT_ Vs _S_ Clan (size 535k). Win 2v2 Bf Win Download 40% 60% 50%
2v2 BF _NeT_ Vs _S_ Clan (size 481k). Lose 2v2 Bf Lose Download 20% 50% 50%
1v1 Yucatan _NeT_WalBanger Vs RM_Virtue This game has a LARGE variety of units used, with a lot of battling going on from castle to imp, see how Virtue Constantly change units, Really with watching (size 196k) Lose 1v1 Yucatan Download 80% 85% 90%


Learning Games

  Quick Description Full Description _NeT_ Win or Lose Click on the link below to download recorded games Learn Watch Action
  1v1 FAST CASTLE Learning game This is a Recorded game of How to get to castle age in 16-17mins. _NeT_WalBanger is also talking you through everything he does as he goes to Help you learn the basics, in this demo he reaches Castle age in 16.04mins with Byzantines, which has no early economy bonuses, so the attack he does could be faster and stronger with some other civs, like the Mongols, or Chinese.... Plz notice how the TC never stops building, or researching. This was also done on Arabia map, which is about the only map you cant do this strategy on (as most people flush) but it has default resources, as others have more boar wood etc....... (size 204k) N/A Fast Castle time Talk through 100% 50% 30%


1v1 Yucatan Flush 

_NeT_WalBanger Flushes Dios_lover8 (Please don't ask why I build a mill instead of eating sheep) See how he goes for Hunting very early. 16mins total length (size 123k).


1v1 Flush Download

80% 50% 10%
  2v2 BF Turk 
_NeT_WalBanger Does a Turk fast imp (not the fastest time every but good enough at 24.58) with _NeT_BeAsT doing a good job of backing him up (WalBanger has a LOT of resources which he doesn't use, if he had the game would of been over a lot quicker J) 24.58mins (46.54)  (size 495k). Win 2v2 Turk Fast Imp Download 60%  50% 40%
  3v3 Yucatan
Why you don't quite 
_NeT_DrAGoN + WoJ_Lallyman + ATT_OS Vs 3 others but for some reason a little way into game ATT_OS starts swearing and leaves, Leaving 2v3, but some how we hold on and pull back to win. 1hr 58mins (size 500k). Win 3v3 Why you dont quit download 50% 60% 60%
  Fast Castle Age Challenge _NeT_WalBanger Wins the Fast Castle Age Challenge with a time of 12.44mins Default settings on arabia map (size 126k). N/A Fast Castle Age Time Under 13 mins 50% 40% 20%
Build Fastest Castle Challenge _NeT_N_Wolf__ Wins the Build Fastest Castle Challenge with a time of 13.18mins Default settings on arabia map (size 131k). N/A Fast Castle build Download 50% 40% 20%
  SMUSH This game shows you how to pull off a Saracen Monk rUSH it was done on SLOW speed and EXPLORED map so that i could pull it of perfectly for you guys to watch..... but it was done on HARD level which cost me a villager (nearly 2) to wolves L.(228k) N/A SMUSH 80% 50% 40%


Aztec MUSH This was a RLM (Random Land Map) WalBanger is Aztecs and tries a monk rush (mush) on Vikings civ... He sells food by mistake which slows him down by about 30 secs L, but still pulls it off in time to upset the Defender watch the monks build an army for the Aztecs (size 123K) Win Aztec MUSH 80% 60% 60%


Expert Games

  Quick Description Full Description _NeT_ Win or Lose Click on the link below to download recorded games Learn Watch Action
  3v3 ARABIA Arch_kovern + RD_Champion + Veni_ Vs CNS_Grunt + CNS_PG + CNS A must see...... Good Fighting... 6 of the best Korean players in the world...........You will have to watch it to find OUT the rest J. (620k) N/A Six Pack Download 100% 90% 85%

1v1 BF _NeT_WalBanger Vs Oneeye_Mongol 

Oneeye_Mongol is one of the best BF players on the zone, so you maybe be able to learn from this, he does a very good boom and then walks into _NeT_WalBanger's base before he is ready (very bad game for WalBanger L) 1hr 01mins (size 268k)


1v1 BF Download

60% 50% 30%


3v3 BF Has a bit of everything

_NeT_WalBanger + _NeT_N_VooDoo + B1acK_Dea1H (one of the best BF players, using other name) Vs TrAsH_Clan (random civs)...... Ganged up on by Wolves and scouts WalBanger has A really bad start off... but thankfully he's Britons so it easy to recover J. Watch how Higher ground wins early fights.. See how Dea1h took advantage of BLUE not walling in time J. The rest is for you to find out J. 1hr 01mins (size 854K)


3v3 BF Download

80% 70% 75%

2v2 BF Tounement Final 2002

The 2v2 BF final between B1acK_Dea1H + Serf_OldKing1 Vs CruX_Paladin + CruX_PhantoM... i'll let you watch it to see what happens J. For Brackets leading to the finals click here (size 545k)


2v2 BF Final 2002 50% 70% 80%

How can I watch a recorded game?
This is very easy:
1.) Download the file by clicking on the link and save it somewhere on your hard drive.
2.) Because the files are zipped you will need a zip-program (Windows ME has it integrated - just right-click the file and select <extract all>).

I use WinZip click below to download it

3.) Unzip and copy the file to your Age of Kings Save Game - folder. The DEFAULT path is:
                        C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Save Game.
4.) Start Age of Kings, go to Singeplayer, open the Save Game directory and select the file you have just downloaded. Note that your game version must be compatible with the game-version used in the game! (i.e 1.oc patch)
5.) The game starts and then replays like a video. You can switch between the players and change some options (reveal, camera, ...) - just check out what fits best with your preferences.
6.) You can - if you are hosting a game - record games by activating the <record game> button in the down right corner of the multiplayer screen. If someone else is hosting and you want the game to be recorded just ask him to record. The game will then automatically be recorded for you too

You can also rename record game to what ever you like, in the same folder as where you put the downloads(just keep the .end the same)