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BF Maps Remember the Great Black Forest map from AoC Well its now back in AoM above is a screen shot of the map, there is also a Winter version of the map  11k BlackForest
Roger Wilko This is so useful, its so good a friend of mine thought it was cheating.. how good is it to be able to tell your friends more accurately and faster about things happening in the game. Not only is it great for the game but you can use it to talk to people out side of the game (i.e. when you are just surfing the net as usual instead of using zone friends etc)..... Also for people who have same I.P address all the time (i.e. Cable users) if they are in the middle of a game and you want to know if to wait for them or not, you can actually enter the I.P and ask them how long they are going to be.

Stats------ Band width= Voice streams use 2400 bps
                 CPU Use   = A P2 450 CPU use is 7% when sending and half that when receiving a transmission. It uses negligible resources when the channel is idle.

                 Ram Use   = About 2MB of RAM (code + data) when running.

356K Roger Wilko >9
BattleCom This is like Roger Wilco above but is Better quality of sound, the only down fall is that its harder to get start (you have to think a bit about what you are doing) so i have included a Read Me file to try to help 2004k BattleCom 9.1
_NeT_ Room Effects


 These were a big hit in the AoC game rooms but can be used else where like in chat rooms, all you have to do is Cut and paste the following designs into where you want them, see the cool design ^-_-^
(Keep it on your desk top for easy access)

( )
 | NeT-Clan | 
/ /\ \ 
 (_) (_)  

1k _NeT_ Room Effects 5