Recorded Games

Expert Games

These games feature players that are considered experts or are very talented in the AoM community. Enjoy and learn. Most of them are very fun to watch. Just click the god that you wish to watch and you can find games that suit your preference. Every game is at least an 1800+ game. To learn how to watch records read the bottom of page


Sorry, no games available at the moment.


Game 1 - Olympus_alex vs JuStDoItMx - Hades vs Oranos - Savannah
Game 2 - Curry__Chutney vs Sub7_Hell_Fire_ - Hades vs Ra - Mediterranean


Sorry, no games available at the moment.


Game 1 - 1v1 MOR_Romio vs TroyBR - Thor vs Kronos - Ghost Lake


Sorry, no games available at the moment.


Game 1 - eX_Hope vs TroyBR - Loki vs Kronos - Alfheim
Game 2 - eX_Hope vs MOR_Romio - Loki vs Loki - Highland
Game 3 - eX_Hope vs MOR_Romio - Loki vs Loki - Tundra


Game 1 - CommanderCool_(eX_Hope) vs KGB_Skynet_ - Set vs Oranos - Highland


Game 1 - Dr_Nightmare vs GaiaNeeDaBooST - Ra vs Gaia - Marsh
Game 2 - Sub7_Hell_Fire vs Curry__Chutney - Ra vs Hades - Mediterranean


Game 1 - Pentium4_Intel vs eX_Brim - Isis vs Kronos - Ghost Lake
Game 2 - Intel_MeWins vs Vagabond_Lion - Isis vs Isis - Watering Hole


Game 1 - TroyBR vs eX_Hope - Kronos vs Loki - Alfheim
Game 2 - TroyBR vs MOR_Romio - Kronos vs Thor - Ghost Lake
Game 3 - eX_Brim vs Pentium4_Intel - Kronos vs Isis - Ghost Lake
Game 4 - OLV_El_Duderino vs_TOAO_4Ever - Kronos vs Gaia - Alfheim


Game 1 - KGB_Skynet vs CommanderCool_(eX_Hope) - Oranos vs Set - Highland
Game 2 - JuStDoItMx vs Olympus_alex - Oranos vs Hades - Savannah


Game 1 - GaiaNeeDaBooST vs Dr_Nightmare - Gaia vs Ra - Marsh
Game 2 - TOAO_4Ever vs OLV_El_Duderino_ - Gaia vs Kronos - Alfheim

_NeT_AnGeLs_ Records

These games feature NeT Clan players playing each other or playing random people on ESO.

Game 1 - NeT_Skavorn and NeT_Ragnarok vs RYU_HAZUKI and Wong_Fei_Hong - Set and Hades vs Oranos and Oranos - Jotunheim

How to Watch Record Games:-

Download one of the saved games by clicking the picture of the god you want to watch and then on a link of the saved game you want and save it to desktop, then go to the default folder path:

C:\Documents and Settings/Your Username/My Games/Age of Mythology/savegame

and place the record game file into the savegame Folder.
Then you can load up AoM wait for the Main menu.
On the Main Menu screen click on the More button.
You will now see a Recorded Games button.
Click that and then select the Recorded Game you wish to view.

Hope you enjoy