After playing AoM at local LAN's I decided to play online.  There were a lot of clans out there, however most were disorganised and didn't have any real quality. 

When I first saw the NeT Angels I was a new player, a few months after AoM was released.  NeT Angels back then were very professional and were 17+ with various 18+ players, NeT_LostPimp gave me some tips and also advised me to check the site out.

So, I joined the forum, posted some record games and all the members helped me, giving me lots of great tips.

I tried to actually join on many occasion to join however, it was a very tough clan to join.

Eventually, after over 6 months of playing with the clan I finally got in.  However, I joined at a very bad time, all members were leaving AoM and going back to AoC, NeT was in ruins.  Apart from the occasional appearance of NeT_Ragnarok, and NeT_Milkman_ a couple of times it was only me online.

Back then I was a recruit and on my own flying the flag back for NeT.   Even when the release of the Titans expansion, they all played a game or two and went back to AoC.  However this it didn't happen.  The web-site was out of date, no-one used the forum anymore and no-one was online anymore.

Good news however after a few more months, NeT_Ragnarok came back to AoM.  He gave promotion to NeT_Skavorn and inspired him to ressurect NeT.

After so pursuation NeT_Ragnarok managed to get NeT_V3nom and NeT_Shadow back to AoM:TT.

Now this is where the story is so far....With all members able to compete at 1650+ standard, can NeT get back to its former success and match the success of the AoC and RtCW:ET sections?


NeT_Skavorn (Council Member)

As much as I have tried, it is too much for me to be the only active member, and recruiting is near enough impossible now, the AoM section is now closed

NeT_Shadow (Council Member)