net : Angels ! is a community of people who interact together through our forums, communication programs, and the games we love to play. Through it all we share a common interest. Together, we have built a foundation that welcomes new friends to our community and holds fast to our beliefs in fairness, openness, honesty, and sportsmanship. In order to provide a respectful and fair environment to our members and guests, we have laid down a code of conduct that governs our behaviour.

  1. Represent net: with pride, dignity, honour, fairness, honest and confidence and our clan will always be strong and respected.
  2. We only play under the net: name tag at ALL times (i.e. you may not be in other clans while in net:, it's like being on a Football, Basket Ball team etc).

    We also have a colour code as well, which splits the name into 3 parts, net = Black, the colon ":" and exclamation mark "!" are a colour of your choice, and then your name is in white, for example net:WalBanger! to get these colours you write ^0net^2:^7WalBanger^2!. This unfortunately doesn't show up to well in COD4 as most of the time it doesn't show.
  3. No cheating (if someone beats you then they beat you, and they deserve the credit just learn from what made you lose).
  4. No flaming other People, clans or team mates (this means don't be nasty to other people/clans, don't call them names, insult how they play etc). Don't call people n00bs etc, just try to help them............... Try to remember we were all there at 1 time.
  5. No boosting, for example:- at the end of a game don't start saying things like "wow did I really kill you 50 times??" cause this can get on peoples nerves, if you are that good people will soon realise.
  6. No moaning on the server about people and what they do, i.e.:- Don't whine at people camping or the weapons they are using, if 10 people want to use Snipers or claymores, then let them they did pay for their game after all. the only exception to this is when its like 1v1 or 2v2 or similar.... at which point its sportsmanship to not use Grenade Launchers, Claymores etc.
  7. Enjoy the GAME


These are rules that have stood us well over the last 7yrs and are mostly common sense..... but some people seem to think that rule 2 isn't important... But it is so so important, it keeps the clan going and units us. This was proven when I had to close the clan down last time.