Help Page

I have made this page to help others with problems they may have with features or gameplay. If you have any useful information that you think will help others that i have missed off here please feel free to send me the info and i will add to this page.



-This is where you can type all your commands IN GAME
i.e to edit your settings or change Name (see below).
To open the console, in game, all you have to do is press the ` key, which is left of the 1 key (if you have a UK keyboard Layout), but first you have to have enabled it in game, to do this all you do is:-
-Start game
-Go to "Options"
-Then "Game Options"
-Then just put YES in "Enable Console"

If you would like to bring down a BIGGER Console then Hold Down SHIFT + `
This is handy if you want to see what people have typed and you missed.




Adding Color to Text/Name

To add color to text or your name (name dosnt really show up in game) just put the ^ symbol followed by a number for example:-
^3net ^1clan = net clan

These are the Colors

Editing Name

You can edit you name and take it OVER the Max characters it allows you in game by either typing it in game in the console OR just change it in your .cfg file.
to do it in consle just open it up and type /seta name NAME

To do it in your .cfg file just navigate to your Game Directory, default location:-
C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players\profiles\WalBanger

Find the file called "config_mp.cfg" open this with note pad, and find "seta name"
and then edit the bit in between the "" so it has your name in it so it looks something like this:-
set name "^0net^3:^7Name^3!"

If you want to make your name colorful you just add colors by puttin ^ symbol followed by number or letter as above.

Joining servers

To join a server by IP bring down your console and enter the following info (editing the red parts with your info:-
/connect IPaddress;Password password

for example
/connect;password c0mm1ssion

If you find that the Server is dropping before you can join and you have to retry a few times, try putting this connect attemps to "20" command into the console
/seta cl_connectionAttempts "20"


Binds are "commands" that you activate by pressing a key i.e "Attack", "Move Forward", "say LOL" etc.
Again binds can be done 2 ways, in the Console or in the config_mp.cfg.
When you do binds remember to place "/set" at the start of it of it wont save it to your config so for example:-
/name ^0net^3:^7WalBanger^3! - will last till i close the game.
/set name ^0net^3:^7WalBanger^3! - will save it to your config until you change it in future



-This is what is used in most compititions, to level the playing field. It is usualy downloaded automaticaly, but if it dosnt do the following:-
-Download the mod from this site:-
-Create a folder /mods/pam4 and extract it in there, than you needn't download the files, it should work if you put allowdownload off at your client.


Recording Games

      1. To begin demo drop your console and type in /record nameofdemo. Where nameofdemo could be anything you wish.
      2. To end demo drop your console and type in /stoprecord.
      3. To playback demo load the game, drop console, and type in /demo nameofdemo.