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Our History

From the beginning there were Heroes…..,
Whilst some would hide in the shadows, waiting for evil to pass, there were others that could not bare sit back and miss the action, some that were bloodthirsty and some that were patriotic, some that were cool and calm and others that were strategic.
But they all shared a common goal…..

To obtain victory it was decided easier if the strong formed an alliance.
A knighthood was born…… this knighthood was known as _NeT_AnGeLs_.
And for years they created havoc and chaos for all that dared to face death eye to eye.
They ruled all the hunts and took so many countless kings…
Age of Kings (AoK) was where they joined for battle…. And when the smoke cleared in the middle stood _NeT_ with there banner held high……..
But this was only the beginning there were other battle grounds to conquer once these battles had been won…………..

Nearly 4 whole years later the enemies were fewer and farther apart, it was harder to find an opponent that was equal or even challenging.
So safe in the knowledge that the Greater enemy had passed they moved there attention to a newer Evil where the enemy were faster and stronger. A new allegiance was formed to take down this new found enemy, this time they ventured further into…… ENEMY TERRITORY (ET)
The name net:Angels! soon caused fear to anyone who were unlucky enough to cross path with them, and soon became the top clan in Clan Base UK ladder.

Again, as if decided by fate, 4 years later, things started to change…… a few of the team started to turn to the dark side and were corrupted, they decided to stop wearing there badge with honour, they started to fight for other sides and so WalBanger decided to shut down the Clan and stamp out the evil that was spreading through out the ranks before it became to overpowering to control.
A few months later the boredom was setting in for the few loyal members that wanted to carry on the fight and fly the _NeT_ Banner high and proud, they grew restless and begged WalBanger lead us into the war once again, this time against a new and more advanced enemy and so the Call of Duty (CoD4) was sounded.

And so the fight continues on …….