Multiplayer Tactics in Modern Warfare

Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare™ is as fierce online shooter as you'll find anywhere. Every move and tactic is fraught with peril, and yet without the risk comes no reward. Beyond the combat intensity, though, COD4 is a little different from your average online first-person shooter. Thoughtful strategy, steady aim, teamwork, and a firm grasp of the ever-evolving classes are all required for online success.

Dot Awareness
Awareness of your enemy's location will save you more and net you more kills than anything else. Knowing that an opponent lies lurking around a corner before you make the turn gives you an instant advantage. Keep a sharp eye out on your minimap, which shows the locations of enemies shooting their weapon. In order to make the best use of the minimap, coordinate the use of your UAV with your teammates. It's not efficient for two allies to use it at the same time, so make sure to stagger the use.

Directional Logic
Enemy awareness can also be achieved by simple, proper use of directions. If you spot an enemy bearing down on an ally, don't shout "left" or "right", but instead, use compass directions like east, west, north, etc. Your minimap also provides a compass, precisely so that these kinds of directions can be universally understood.

Three on one. This is why you rove in packs.
Three on one. This is why you move in packs.

Slow, Prone and Sprint
Moving while crouching or crawling while prone accomplishes three crucial goals:-
1) You're harder to spot and your a smaller target to aim at.
2) You shoot more accurately.
3) You Move silently, so the enemy cant hear you, but you can hear others.

Unless you're out in the open, there should be little reason to stand upright., nearly any time you spend out in the open should find you sprinting. If you need to cross a courtyard to get from cover to cover, sprint to haul ass across the open ground. Sprinting is also a good technique to avoid fire, no matter where you are. Getting shot, but you're not sure from where? Try sprinting. It's always harder to hit a fast-moving target.

Kill/Death Ratio
Call of Duty 4 rewards patience and a willingness to stay alive as long as possible. The more consecutive kills you get, the more abilities you have at your disposal. At three kills, you can call in a UAV to spot enemies, at five you can order in an air strike, and at seven you can call for an attack chopper. Anything beyond that is just bragging rights, but you get the idea. You can run and gun in other shooters, but it's better for you and your team in COD4 if you play a bit more cautiously.

Move On
Speaking of cautious, the "kill cam" allows anyone you've just shot down to know not only exactly where you were but just how you killed them as well. This means you shouldn't stay in one spot for more than a few moments at a time. Get your kill and then move on to greener pastures. This is a MUST in Clan wars where the other team will tell each information like this on Coms.

Alternatively, you can use your opponent's knowledge to your advantage. Once you get a kill, try moving to a spot with a clear line of sight on where you just were. Then, when your enemy comes around seeking revenge, you've got them right where you want them.

The high ground is always a good idea.
The high ground is sometimes a good idea.

Perk Awareness
The different classes and unique combinations of Perks mean that every player functions just a bit differently. While it's great to mix and match your own Perks to create your own favorite class, it's important to be aware of your enemy's abilities as well. Luckily, you can spot an opponent's selected Perks from the kill-cam after they've taken you out.

Say for example you notice an enemy with the UAV Jammer Perk (which ensures they don't show up on the minimap), You'll want to be just that extra bit more careful about rounding corners and examining the environment. Likewise, if you notice an opponent with Last Stand, fire a few extra bullets after you take an enemy down, so they don't whip out a pistol and take you with them. Every little advantage counts.

Swap Sidearm
Your sidearm is largely useless from the get go, so unless you plan on just showing off by killing opponents with your pea shooter, take the first opportunity to swap it with another weapon. Every killed enemy and ally leaves their primary weapons behind. When you find one, switch to your pistol and swap it out immediately. This is also a great way to find uniquely modified weapons, as well as guns that you haven't even unlocked yet (P90, anyone?).

Buddy Up
There's nothing like a team working together for massacring a team of renegades, all running solo. It can be difficult to get more than a few people to work in unison though, all agreeing on a focused strategy. However, it's not tough to work with a dedicated buddy. Try suggesting to the whole team that you always work in groups of at least two and you'll find that firefights end up going your way on a much more regular basis.

That's it for now, I'm heading back into the fray. See you online!