When i 1st starting playing this game i didnt really know much about the weapons and which had the best Damage, Accuracy etc...... when i started to search the internet for help i noticed there is NOWHERE tahts gives you this info so i have put some info together to make it easier for others
So here is a COMPLETE list of weapons with charts showing Accuracy, Damage, etc. So you can see which weapon suits your style of play the best.
The levels needed per perk are listed after the perk name ("Start with it" means as soon as you can create a class, level 4).
These were correct as of Patch 1.4 (January 2008).

For some reason the charts don't change when you look at the different pistols so I have had to just put the pictures of the weapons.

CoD4:  (Start with it)
Good sized magazine, low penetration power. It is the very basic pistol in CoD4 and should be replaced once you have unlocked the .45 or the Desert Eagle.

Real Life:
The Beretta M92FS, aka the Beretta M9 as it is known in the US Armed Forces, is a 9 round 19mm Luger/Parabellum Pistol designed by the Italian Firearm Manufacturer Beretta. In the 80's, the M92 entered the American arsenal as the M9 Pistol and replaced the M1911. Unsurprising for a pistol firing the smallish 9mm round, the M9 has been criticized for its lack of "stopping power". Having said this, the M9 has proven to be a reliable sidearm.
CoD4: (Start with it)
In CoD4, this pistol has a good size magazine and has the highest range of the pistols, but has relatively weak penetration power. Given its power, range, size of magazine and reload time, this pistol is probably the 2nd best in the game next to the Desert Eagle of course.

Real Life:
The USP (Universale Selbstladepistole or "Universal Self-Loading Pistol") is a combat sidearm developed and manufactured by the German Firearms Manufacturer, Heckler and Koch, and is based on their earlier Mark 23 Mod 0 "SOCOM" Pistol developed for use as an "assault" sidearm by the United States Special Operations Command. Although it was originally designed to fire only .40 S&W and 9MM Parabellum rounds, the USP can now fire .45 ACP and .357 SIG rounds as well.
M1911 .45:
CoD4: (16)
In Call of Duty 4, this is the most powerful silenced sidearm available. The Desert Eagle .50 caliber pistol is much more powerful but it cannot be fitted with a silencer. It has a reasonable amount of ammunition and scores good hit damage. Acquired: Level 16.

Real Life:
The Colt M1911 or Colt .45, is a semi-automatic, single-action pistol which was engineered and developed at the turn of the last century by the famous American gunsmith, John M. Browning. It fires the lethal .45 ACP pistol round. Seven of these are held in the magazine and one in the gun's chamber. It is regarded as an extremely effective combat sidearm - even to this day. While its magazine capacity is small, compared to other pistols, its powerful rounds more than make up for it. The primary sidearm in the US military arsenal until the mid 80's, it was succeeded by the M9 pistol. Nowadays, only the Marine Corps Special Tactical teams or MARSOCOM units such as the 1st Force Recon use a modernized version of the original M1911A1 pistol.
Desert Eagle:
CoD4: (43)
The CoD4 "Deagle" has good ammo, and medium damage. It uses the 7-round .50 caliber AE ammunition variant of the gun. This makes it the most powerful pistol in the game. Though...it doesn't have a silencer (go to the Colt .45 if you need that feature). The Eagle creates 20-50% more damage (depending on range) than the other pistols in the game. This weapon out-classes the field. However, it does take a bit more time to reload and only has a 7 round clip (compare that to the 12 rounds that the USP carries).

Real Life:

The Desert Eagle is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol which is manufactured in Israel by the Israel Military Industries company for Magnum Research, Inc
Desert Eagle:
CoD4: (55)
Same as the Desert Eagle...except it is Gold Plated (for all you pimps out there...this is a must-have). Acquired at Level 55.

Real Life:
The Desert Eagle is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol which is manufactured in Israel by the Israel Military Industries company for Magnum Research, Inc



CoD4: (Start with it)
In CoD4, this weapon fires a 3-round burst with astounding accuracy (when used with an ACOG scope - it might as well be thought of as a sniper), extremely high-damage, medium mobility and has a leisurely rate of fire. It is considered the second-best weapon in the game (M4 being the best). Having said that, if the M16 is used more as a support weapon (firing from distance), it becomes the superior weapon in the game. With the Deep Impact and Penetration perks, you can go toe-to-toe with snipers or face off with the high ROF M4 and P90 bunch - and come out a winner. When you carry the M16 in the game you always feel a sense of confidence that if you shoot at someone, they will go down. The weapon is used most effectively by sweeping the target from left to right. The first 3-round burst will slow them down. The second and third burst will drop even someone with Juggernaut. There is no hiding from this weapon with the Deep Impact perk. You can punch through any light-skinned building. It is a feared and respected weapon on the CoD4 battlefield. Here is yet another reason: it is difficult to hit someone firing this weapon. Most M16 gunners will be strafing (ie. side-stepping: holding the A or D key) while they are firing. Due to the fact that there is an interval between bursts, they can sidestep just a little faster (the movement is sped up in the interval between bursts) than most mg'ers can track while ironsighted. This is a great advantage.

Real Life:
The M16A4 is standard-issue rifle for front-line U.S. Marine Corps and some U.S. Army units, replacing the combination fixed carry handle/rear iron sight with a MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny rail" receiver which allows different types of optics, such as an ACOG sight to be easily mounted on the top of the receiver. This is the now standard issue rifle of the US Marine Corp and some Army units. Most of the U.S. Marine Corps' M16A4s are equipped with a Knight's Armament Company M5 RAS handguard, allowing vertical grips, lasers, tactical lights, and other accessories to be attached.
CoD4: (Start with it)
The CoD4 AK-47 is a fully automatic assault weapon with high damage, high rate of fire, but high recoil which makes it hard to aim accurately at medium to long range. While this weapon definitely has its fans, the M-16A4 is the superior weapon at mid to long range and the AK-47 is bested by the MP-5, P90 and M4 at short to mid-ranges.

Real Life:
The gas-operated AK-47, short for the Russian word for Автомат Калашникова образца 1947 года; aka, the Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle of 1947, is the de-facto standard assault weapon for terrorists and the developing nations of the world.
CoD4: (10)
Arguably, the "best" weapon in CoD4. It is a fully automatic, highly accurate assault rifle, with good damage, and a high rate of fire. It also provides high mobility. Excellent in close quarters and at mid-long ranges. While it cannot stand up to the AK47, or M16 at these longer ranges - even with an ACOG sight, it holds its own and then some at mid-range. At this latter distance, it should be used with the red-dot sight for supreme accuracy. Add the Penetration perk and this is one lethal weapon. Acquired at Level 10.

Real Life:
The M4 is a short barreled, telescoping stock variation of the M16A2 rifle and is based on the CAR-15 series used by United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam conflict. The M4 Carbine fires the same 5.56x45MM round as it's full-sized M16 'cousin', but it is capable of firing in full automatic as opposed to the M16's three round burst. The M4 was designed to be a defensive weapon for personnel whose role may require a powerful defensive weapon, but where a full-sized rifle was impractical. It is also used by various Special Forces for its compact nature and full-rifle power cartridge, making it ideal for Close Quarters Battle (CQB). To this end, a variety of modifications are offered for the M4 known as Special Operations Peculiar Modification (SOPMOD), which includes forward hand grips, grenade launchers, suppressors, EOTech Holographic sights and ACOG optics. A very versatile weapon.
CoD4: (25)
A semi-automatic, with excellent accuracy, and decent damage. For those that loved CoD2's Gewehr, Kar98 or the M1, the G3 fails as their CoD4 replacement (ironic, given that the G3 is the lineal descendent of the Gewehr). The biggest flaw with this weapon is the recoil. It's kick is comparable to that of the M16. In fact, all the semi-automatics in CoD4 are bad in this department. This weapon should have been a one-shot, one-kill weapon. Instead, it usually takes a minimum of three hits to bring someone down - nearly impossible, given the jumpy sights. While it apparently was thought of as the counter-sniper rifle in CoD4, it does not measure up. 
The G3 variant in CoD4 is the G3A4 model, with a synthetic foregrip and telescoping metal stock. In single-player, the rifle is fully automatic. In multiplayer, it is a semi-automatic only rifle. It can be customized with a Grenade Launcher, Silencer, Red Dot Sight and ACOG scope. Acquired at Level 25.

Real Life:
The Heckler & Koch Gewehr 3 (Rifle model 3) fires the NATO standard 7.62x51mm round. The rifle can trace it's origins back to the end of the Second World War, when the Mauser factory designed an assault rifle, a low-price alternative to the StG44. In the late fifties, the German Army (Bundeswehr) adopted the rifle as the G3. The G3 rifle was the basis for the MP5 Submachine Gun and the PSG-1/MSG-90 Sniper Rifle.
CoD4: (37)
My current Favourite Rifle (maybe cause i'm still a n0-0b). This dangerous-looking CoD4 weapon is fully automatic, has good accuracy at short-medium ranges (sights are too jumpy for some tastes), high damage, and a medium rate of fire (slow when compared to other automatic rifles). The weapon does everything - but in a very average way. The rate of fire and inaccurate fire are this weapon's Achilles' heel. Not the most accurate, not the most lethal...and so on. But damn, it looks sweet! Acquired at Level 37.

Real Life:
The G36C is a variant of the G36 developed by Heckler and Koch used by the German and Spanish Armed Forces as a mainstay infantry weapon. The rifle fires a 5.56x45MM round from a translucent synthetic 30-round magazine. The G36 is a modern rifle made of polymers and other synthetic materials to decrease weight while maintaining durability. The C (Or Commando/Compact) variant of the G36 was designed to be compact and easily customizable, omitting the carrying handle and built-in optical sights of it's standard variants, shortening the barrel and adding a folding stock. The G36 and it's variants are used by Counter-Terrorism, Special Forces and Special Police of many nations including the United Kingdom, Poland, Chile, France and Mexico.
CoD4: (46)
A huge disappointment, this semi automatic, high recoil weapon does have very high damage (two hit kills can be achieved); however, the sights wander like the M16 making it very difficult to aim. It also has a very bad kick to it. Unlike the M16, which fires a three-round burst, this weapon fires only one round - and given the high kick, in a fire-fight, you will never hit the target again. Trade this gun in for an M16. Acquired at Level 46 (not worth the wait).

Real Life:
The United States Rifle, Caliber 7.62 mm, M14 fires 7.62x51 mm NATO rounds. Although largely superseded in military use by the M16, it remains in limited front line service with the US Army, Marines and Navy personnel. The M14 provided the basis for the M21.
CoD4: (52)
In what was supposed to be an homage to the best weapon in the World War II-based Call of Duty 2, the MP44 makes a sad-sack appearance in CoD4. Rather than taking a bow for yeoman service in CoD2, in CoD4, the MP44 shows its age. One must wonder whether IW should have reconsidered introducing it in Modern Warfare. The gun is clearly a gimmick in this game and serves no useful purpose, if you never had played CoD2 you would never guess at how useful a weapon it was (note the tense of the word) in that CoD game.
Fully automatic, with (charitably) medium accuracy, and laughable medium-high range damage it only has iron sight capability. Still the most lethal weapon in CoD2, it is the grandpa Simpson of CoD4. Give it a wide berth - though IW did make it look pretty, I must admit... Acquired at Level 52.

Real Life:
Known as the Sturmgewehr 44 and as the MP44 - or, the Maschinenpistole 44, this was the most popular German assault rifle in World War II.




CoD4: (Start with it)
In-game, the MP-5 has good damage - the best damage of the SMG's! But sadly, at long range, the Desert Eagle has more punch. It has an average rate of fire, and fairly good accuracy. Overall it is an excellent SMG. It has a paltry 30 round clip though (the P90 has 50 rounds!). The recoil is somewhat significant with medium to high drift - but not enough to consider the Steady-Aim perk. This weapon comes into is own in city maps with a mix of close quarters and mid-range firefights.

Real Life:
The MP5 Submachine Gun (Maschinenpistole 5) is a modern submachine gun made by Heckler and Koch with most variants firing 9x19MM Luger/Parabellum. The G3 rifle is the inspiration for the MP-5 and was first developed in 1964 and later adopted by the German Federal Police (Bundespolizei). Since then, it has been used by many Police and Military agencies. For this reason, the MP-5 is associated as a law-enforcement weapon, It is fairly accurate, for a Submachine gun.
CoD4: (Start with it)
The CoD4 Skorpion has a high Rate of Fire, stable and reasonable accuracy, average damage for an SMG, and a very, very short range. But what it loses on capability it makes up for in the bad-ass looks department. Smart players will give this weapon a pass as it comes up average or very sub-par in all the critical areas.

Real Life:
The Samopal vz. 61 (submachine gun model 1961), or Škorpion (scorpion), is a Czech submachine gun. It fires 7.65 x 17 mm ammunition: also known as .32 ACP.
The small sized gun was designed by Miroslav Rybář (1924-1970) and was used by paratroopers, special forces, crews of armored vehicles and helicopters and officers. Every policeman (member of Veřejná bezpečnost) in the former Czechoslovakia was equipped with Škorpion as a backup weapon. Around 210,000 units were produced. Since 1992 it is manufactured again under name samopal vzor 61 E.

Its light weight and compressed size made it a popular choice for personnel inside tanks, cars and airplanes. Although it fires the relatively wimpy .32 ACP, and has a short range (only 25 meters), it is a very effective close-quarters weapon.
CoD4: (13)
The CoD4 Uzi, is a very high rate of fire, medium damage, and highly inaccurate weapon (it's wild, even in comparison with other SMG's). It's kick is so high it becomes a very-close combat weapon as it is almost impossible to use when iron-sighted. As well, the high rate of fire requires the Bandolier perk. The Mini-Uzi is used the same way one would use a pistol in the game. Its lightweight allows for supreme player mobility and is therefore great for those that like the "run" part of run'n'gun. If that is what you are looking for - look to the P90 and give this weapon a pass. Acquired: Level 13 and can be fitted with a Red Dot Sight, Suppressor and an ACOG Sight. A gold plating for this weapon is unlocked once every submachine gun challenge has been completed.

Real Life:
The Mini-Uzi is 360 mm long and is a scaled-down version of the Uzi sub-machine gun, firing the same 9x19MM cartridge. Introduced in 1980 as a compact defensive weapon, it comes with a side-folding stock and has a small forward hand grip. The Mini-Uzi weighs a kilogram less than the Uzi when unloaded. The Mini-Uzi has a rate of fire of 950 rpm, or an awesome 16 rounds a second.
CoD4: (28)
Not to be confused with the CoD4 assault weapon the AK-47 (dyslexic are we?), the tiny Ak-74 has a high rate of fire, reasonable damage, medium range, and rather jumpy sights (nearly twice the horizontal sway of the AK-47). It's recoil is horrid - only beaten by the MP44 in this best of the worst category. This weapon is a cross-breed between an assault rifle and an SMG, but comes up short (pardon the pun). In summary, it is the AK-47's "Mini-me".

Real Life:
The AKS-74U (nicknamed the Krinkov) is a very compact assault weapon designed in the former Soviet Union (1979-1991). It features a short barrel, low muzzle velocity, and a high rate of fire. The AKS-74U is intended for special subunits of airborne troops, signal men, combat engineers, drivers of combat vehicles, crews of missile launchers and special law enforcement subunits. It is typically used in populated areas, on cross-country terrain and in field fortifications. There is also a version with a mount for night vision sights. It fires 5.45 mm ammunition.
CoD4: (40)
Now for my Favourite of all the weapons. The CoD4 P90 has nearly the same rate of fire as the Uzi, but bests that weapon and nearly all the SMG's at all other rankings: good damage, and good accuracy at short-medium ranges. It is a very good close combat weapon. Large clip but a very slow reload makes you reach for the Sleight of Hand perk. Without that perk, this is probably the 2nd best SMG next to the MP5. With the Bandolier, it becomes a terror. Carry this weapon in any close quarters map and you will dominate. Acquired at Level 40.

Real Life:
The P90 is a compact SMG, developed and manufactured by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN Herstal). It has an unusual shape with a short external barrel and a 50-round magazine that sits above it. A new class of personal defense weapon, it is intended to penetrate body armor with small-caliber, high-velocity bullets.




M249 SAW:
CoD4: (Start with it)
In-game, the SAW has a very high rate of fire, good accuracy, good damage, and good range. Slow, slow, slow re-loads and low mobility. Tons of stopping power, so do not bother with Deep Impact (true for all the LMG's); however, get the Sleight-of-hand perk with this baby. This weapon gives up a lot in mobility and is best used for alley fights in a large-player, TDM environment. Don't be caught dead (literally) using this in any 5v5 objective gametype - the M4 players will run rings around you. Our verdict: if you want a stand-off assault weapon, wait for the M60E, the SAW is too underpowered.
In the SP game, the M249 S.A.W is used by S.A.S and U.S.M.C forces in Russia and the Middle East in both the Squad Automatic Weapon role and as a mounted weapon.

Real Life:
The M249 S.A.W is the United States Military designation for the Belgian MINIMI (Mini-mitrailleuse, French for Mini-Machine-Gun) Light Machine-Gun. The M249 was introduced in February 1982 with production in the U.S beginning in 1984. It replaced the M60 in the Squad-Automatic Weapon role, though it continued to see use as an emplacement and vehicle mount. It fires the NATO standard 5.56x45mm round used in the M16 and M4 rifles from a 200-round disintegrating belt in a box magazine.
CoD4: (Start with it)
This weapon has a high rate of fire, good accuracy, and increased damage (over SAW). Good range, but slow reload and offers very poor mobility. It is bested by the M60E in the only category that counts for this type of weapon: damage!
It is used by both the Loyalists and Ultranationalists in Russia and OpFor forces in the Middle East. For this reason, in single player, ammunition is plentiful as it most likely will be just lying around. In MP, you can upgraded this weapon with a Red Dot Sight (preferred), an ACOG Sight (pointless, given the recoil) and a forward-grip to steady your aim (very, very useful). The weapon begs for the Bandolier perk, given its reload time.

Real Life:

Known as the Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyareva Machine-Gun used in the Squad Automatic Role. Designed in 1944 in the Soviet Union, it first entered service during the 1950's. It fires a 7.62x39mm round fired from a non-disintegrating 100-Round belt in a drum-magazine. , abbreviated as RPD, this weapon is a Light
CoD4: (19)
The M60E in CoD4 has a high rate of fire, great accuracy (relative to the LMG's), awesome damage, and good range. Attachments include the Red Dot Sight (acquired with 25 kills) the Grip (75 kills) and the ACOG scope (150 kills). The M60 is the arguably the best Machine Gun in CoD4 MP. It has the best accuracy and power, but its large recoil requires adding the grip. Acquired at Gunnery Sergeant Level 19.

Real Life:
The M60E4 is a variation of the M60 series of Machine Guns. In-service in 1957, it remains in use in every branch of the U.S. military and other armed forces. It has slowly been replaced or supplemented in many roles by the newer M240G



CoD4: (Start with it)
The W1200 is a pump action, short range, moderate damage, and slow rate of fire (due to pump action) weapon. In SP, the shotgun is used to break down doors. Both Vasquez and Gaz use them in the game. The shotgun was a supremely useful weapon indoors in CoD2. In CoD4 these weapons are outmatched by the automatics like the MP-5 and the P90. They are fun to use and there will be many devotees. But they are weapons looking for a true role in the game.

Real Life:
The Winchester Model 1200 is a pump-action, 12-Gauge shotgun used by military, police and civilians for a variety of uses. In it's context as a military weapon, it is effective as a close-quarters weapon in Jungle and Urban combat and also as a breaching tool when other means, such as explosives are considered ineffective or dangerous.
Benelli M1014:
CoD4: (31)
In CoD4, the Benelli magazine holds 4 shells (as opposed to 6 in real-life), which are loaded individually. Damage is slightly less than that of the 1200 pump action shotgun, but the rate of fire is far greater. The M1014 is an very short-range weapon and needs to be augmented by an assault weapon. Acquired at Level 31.

Real Life:
The M1014 is a 12 Guage semi-automatic shotgun built by the Italian firm Benelli Armi Spa. The action is based on the Benelli M4 Super 90 Police shotgun. In real life the M1014 holds six rounds in the magazine, with one in the chamber. It comes with a collapsible stock. The M1014 shotgun is slowly replacing older pump shotguns, such as the Mossberg 500 series, and Remington 870 currently in service in the US Military.




CoD4: (Start with it)
Bolt Action, low recoil, high damage, slow rate of fire but lightning-quick reloads. Nearly the same damage modifiers as the Barrett and the Dragunov, it suffers a bit on the Upper Torso shot. It also has half the clip-size of the these latter two rifles. But given the awesome reload times, this has got to get the sleeper vote for the best sniper in the game.

Real Life:

The M40 is a bolt-action sniper rifle used by the USMC. It has had three variants: the M40, the M40A1 and finally the M40A3.
Each of these firearms starts out as a Remington 700 and is then heavily modified by USMC gunsmiths at Marine Corps Base Quantico.
CoD4: (7)
This is a semi-automatic, very low recoil (lowest of all the snipers), medium damage, high rate of fire weapon. It has the lowest damage modifier values of all the sniper rifles. The M14 actually outshines this rifle if you are trying to use it as an assault weapon. Acquired at Level 7.

Real Life:
The M21 Sniper Weapon System (SWS) is the semi-automatic sniper rifle adaptation of the M14. It is chambered for the 7.62 × 51 mm NATO cartridge.
The M14 was selected as The United States Army's sniper rifle during the Vietnam War because of its accuracy, reliability, and the ability for a quick second shot. As a result, in 1969, the Rock Island Arsenal converted 1,435 National Match (target grade) M14 rifles by adding a Leatherwood 3–9x Adjustable Ranging Telescope (ART) telescopic sight and furnishing National Match grade ammunition. It was designated the XM21 until 1975, when it became the M21.
The M21 remained the Army’s official sniper rifle until 1988, when it was replaced by the bolt-action M24 Sniper Weapon System. While the bolt action might be more accurate at long distances (1000m), the M21 semi-auto rifle is more than adequate for medium distances(600m) and because of this, thousands of stored M21s have been modernized with new scopes, and stocks to be pressed into service with American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Dragunov SVD:
CoD4: (22)
The CoD4 Dragunov is a semi automatic, medium recoil, high damage, high rate of fire sniper. It competes with the Barrett as the third best sniper in the game. Though it is 10% weaker on lower torso damage than the Barrett (equal to it everywhere else) it has faster reloads and much less kick. The Dragunov beats the Barrett in our books, but still comes third to the R700 overall. Acquired at Level 22.

Real Life:
The SVD is a 7.62 mm semi-automatic sniper rifle, developed in the former Soviet Union. The SVD has become the standard squad support weapon of several countries, including those of the former Warsaw Pact, among them Poland (since 1966). License production of the rifle was established in China (Type 79 and Type 85) and Iraq (as the Al Kadesiah). The weapon’s name is an abbreviation of Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova (Russian: Снайперская винтовка Драгунова) or “Dragunov Sniper Rifle”.
CoD4: (34)
In CoD4, this bolt-action rifle offers medium recoil, high damage.
Possibly one of the best in game sniper rifles. Very quick reload time and very high damage with this rifle. Same rate of fire as the Dragunov and Barrett.
It is bested by the M40A3 in clip size (ok...1 bullet more) and recoil. It does have marginally better damage modifiers, so it is in close competition with the M40 for the best sniper rifle. In our opinion, it's number 2. Acquired at Level 34.

Real Life:

The Model 700 series of firearms are hunting rifles manufactured by Remington Arms since 1962. All are based on the same rounded, centerfire bolt action design. They come with a 3, 4 or 5-round internal magazine which sometimes includes a floor-plate for quick-unloading, and sometimes is "blind", meaning it has no floor-plate.
Barrett .50cal:
CoD4: (49)
In CoD4, the Barrett is used in the One Shot One Kill SP mission and is an unlockable sniper-rifle in MP. It can be upgraded with an ACOG sight. There is no silencer or a recoil reducer. It therefore has high recoil: fifty percent more than the Dragunov in the pitch direction - and much higher than any other sniper rifle. Relative to other weapons, the big deal with the Barrett is the very high damage that you can inflict on your target. As a bonus you get a reasonable rate of fire out of it. You don't get much more stopping power than the Remington, or the Dragunov incidentally. As well, be careful, its sound is distinctive - a cannon-like boom - and will attract unwanted attention. Possibly the most over-hyped weapon in CoD4. In our opinion, it is only the fourth best sniper. Having said that, when modded maps start appearing, with large open spaces...this rifle will be one to reckon with. The real reason to have the Barrett is the magazine size.
Acquired at Level 49.

Real Life:
In real-life, the Barrett M107 is a .50 caliber, semi-automatic, sniper rifle. It has reasonable amounts of recoil for the its size - accomplished by a design feature that allows the barrel assembly to move and thereby damping out the shock of firing. Also reducing the amount of recoil is the weapon's inherent inertia and large muzzle brake.
The weapon requires the shooter to be in a stationary, prone position with some form of support while firing, due to its bulk. Because of this, it's use as a traditional sniper rifle is somewhat reduced. However, the size of the round makes it a very effective rifle against light armor or cover, and it is also an extremely long-range weapon. Hits have been recorded out to a mile and a half with it.