I thought I should make a Medal of Honour Site because the game is far superior in my opinion compared to RtCW that it was silly to have a site for Wolfenstein and not for MoH. Why is it better? For me it is because I cannot get broadband yet, so i cant play online like others can, (its just not worth playing).The Single player game is much more addictive, and obviously realistic. It is graphically superior, and more people play it. But enough comparisons, this game deserves to be talked about in its own right, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it right through to the end, and was gutted when it finished. The site is here just as a kind of control panel, to arrange mathces and if i can get the info that Walbanger has, to help teach you to play better, although a lot of the RtCW lessons will obviously be beneficial to all FPS games.


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