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AKracing Masters Series Max-Black/Red-Gaming-Chair - WalBanger - 06-09-2020

AKracing Masters Series Max-Black/Red
[Image: AKRacingChairFull.jpg]
[Image: AKRacingChairBack.jpg]
[Image: AKRacingChairLegs.jpg]


Usual £429 ( i got £200 off on a 1 day sale)

  • Stupidly easy to  build - Like i thought there was some things missing, because there are no "parts" included, just 3 screws lol. all the screws you need are already in the holes so you just unscrew them and piece the parts to getther and put the screws back in.... Took me about 20minutes on my own, including unbocking and instruction reading etc)
  • Very Large (I'm 6'3" and large size), and i easy fit in it.
  • Comfortable.
  • Well Built.
  • Arms (Move i'm many Directions:- Up and down, sideways and twist).
  • Extra cushions.
  • No "bucket" sides, so you can spread your legs out without no problems and not squashed in.
  • 5ys/10yr Warranty: The AKRacing Gaming chairs use all the finest materials needed to provide you with the ultimate longevity, along with this comes a generous 10-year warranty on the frame and a 5-year warranty on the chair itself so you'll be supported for years to come.
  • The silly white gloves you get in the Box.... (This chair is made for LARGE people and give them tiny gloves?).
  • Extra cushions (Can be a pain to set up, and I'm not really a pillow person).
  • Very Expensive.
Very good product, does everything a  gaming chair should + more.
But with this chair i guess it comes down to wither you can afford it or not.... Its definitely a nice chair, so if you have the money yes get it...
And if they stick to the warranty (which i have no reason to doubt), then it will be worth the money.

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Coming when its time/I remember lol