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Chair Matt - Rating 7/10
Office Depot Carpet Rectangular Chair Mat Polycarbonate 120 x 90 cm
[Image: FloorMattTop.jpg][Image: FloorMattBottom.jpg]

£29.99 + Postage = £33.47

  • Cheap (for a product like this)
  • Fast Delivery (1 day i think, 2 max)
  • Thin (but holding out so far)
  • Moves a bit on thick Carpet
For the Price i am currently very Happy with the product and im very supprised at how well its holding out so far... Im a big guy and its not cracked or bent after 2 WEEKS.... Time will tell but so far so good

Recommend (Yes/No):
So far Yes

6 Months Later Review: 
Coming when its time/I remember lol
11th Feb 2022

It is still going strong, not a single Crack or Scratch....

The only Bad point, is also its strength...
Because of its strength it doesn't bend in one area, so as you stand on it (or even just the weight of a chair), the Edges lift slightly and you catch your toes or the underside of your foot on the edge..
But that might be down to my carpet being Really thick.

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