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My New PC Build
My last PC has lasted me 12 years with 1 Graphics card update, and even though it was still playing top end games, if i tried to stream at the same time it struggled big time.

So i have decided to treat myself to a new PC, but this time i don't really want to put any limit on what i can spend or do, if i feel i want it then i will get it (example is why i went for a 2TB M.2 Drive instead of a 1TB).... 

PC Specification:-
i9 10th Gen 10900k
32Gb Memory
2Tb m.2 Hard Drive
2TB 3.5" HHD
GeForce 2080 Super (which has no water block so i will upgrade as soon as the new 3000 come out)

[Image: DSC_7965.JPG][Image: DSC_7967.JPG]

Default Bench Mark (NOTE: Memory not set to use XMP Profile).
[Image: BenchMarkScoreNewLoad.jpg]

Results with XMP Profile turned on.
[Image: BenchMarkScoreMemoryOverclock3600%2BCPUPerformance.jpg]

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.xlsx   WaterCooling.xlsx (Size: 16.36 KB / Downloads: 0)
So here is a list of all the Parts i Bought.

Core PC parts
1x The Tower 900 case £199.99
1x CPU Intel Core i9 10900K £529.99
1x MotherBoard GIGABYTE Z490 Master £379.99
1x PSU Corsair Corsair ax1200i full modular £349.99
1x Seagate FireCuda 510 2TB M.2 Hard Drive £322.99
1x Seagate BarraCuda 2TB 3.5" SATA III Desktop HDD/Hard Drive £52.34
Total: £1,835.29

RGB Stuff 
2x Termaltake Pump - PR22-D5 Plus  £339.98
2x Thermaltake RGB Fittings (6 per pack) (has to be PRO version or cant be controlled by iCUE) £199.18
2x Bitspower D-RGD HEXAGON flow indicator £83.30
1x CPU Water Block EK-Quantum Velocity D-RGB - £90
2x Corsair Corsair 140mm Fans + Lighting node (2 per pack) £143.98
5x Corsair Corsair 140mm Fans (1 per pack) £159.95
1x Corsair Corsair 32GB DDR4 (4per pack) £211.49
1x Corsair RGB LED Expansion Kit £46.99
1x Commander Pro Corsair Commander pro Commander Pro £59.99
1x Thermaltake Sync Controller Premium RGB Sync Hub for ASUS/GIGABYTE/MSI Motherboard £23.99 - (this was used to connect all the Thermal take stuff to Corsair Commander Pro, with the special cables listed below.
1x GPU Waterblock dont know which yet (depends on Future GPU Perchase)
Total: £1,358.85

Standard Fittings 
2x EK-AF Angled 90° Joint-Fixed £17.98
4x EK-AF Angled 90° Revolvable  £20.00
2x Thermaltake V-Tubler 16mm OD Hard Tubes (4 per Pack) £33.98
2x EKWB Cool Stream SE 560 Radiators £169.96
3x Alphacool 16mm HardTube Fittings (6 per pack) £84.62
2x Taps £28.00
2x T-Junction EK-AF T-Splitter 3F G1/4 £15.98
2x EK-AF Extender 6mm M-M G1/4 Small Extender £5.98
2x EK-AF Extender 12mm M-M G1/4 Large Extender £6.40
2x XSPC White Coolant 1 Litre £21.98
Total: £404.88

Special Cables - (used to make things talk with Commander pro and iCue Software) 
1x Corsair Lighting Channel Splitter £10
2x Corsair RGB to Aura/Mystic Light A-RGB Adapter £18 
2x Corsair Fan to Strip/LNP Connector £15
1x A-RGB 3 way Splitter £10.37
Total: £53.37

Grand Total: £3,652.39 + Graphics card (currently using a 2080 Super which was about £500). 
I have included a Spreadsheet with Full breakdown and LINKS to each Item.

While building this PC i had to make a few changes on the way, because RGB doesnt have a Universal Language yet, which really sucks, and i didnt know at the time of planning....
What i mean by this, is for example WiFi is WiFi where ever you go your phone/Laptop etc will connect no problem, its esay...
RGB is NOT like that and each company has its own "language" so if you mix Manufactures it is most likely NOT going to work. 
Now for me Corsair iCue Software is by far the best software (in my opinion), as it gives you so much control....
Soooo i needed some special cables to convert some connectors to connect to Corsairs Commander Pro.

PirateDog Helped me out a lot here, he advised and  made these cables:- - Hes USA based.

He also made a great post on how to make them if you want to try do it yourself.

to Order UK parts to make cables (but with postage it costs a lot, so not worth it unless you want to learn or are making lots):-

This site is also useful:- (the 3.0 Splitter cable i bought didnt work but they gave a full refund, a long time after as well).

So i bought these following cables (see pictures):-
1x Corsair Lighting Channel Splitter £10
2x Corsair RGB to Aura/Mystic Light A-RGB Adapter £18 
2x Corsair RGB Fan Hub to Strip/Lighting Channel Adapter £15
1x A-RGB 3 way Splitter £10.37 (Amazon)

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Step by Step Build:-

The Original Plan (a 2 loop water system with lots of RGB):-
This picture shows a quick design i made of what i wanted to do, but I soon decided to change it to what you finally see in the Video, because it looked really bad when i tried to bend the tubes and make the "figure of 8" in the pipes, mainly because the Y splitters were not the same angle as the Bitpower Flow meters.

[Image: WaterCooling.jpg]

All the things i bought 1st time round (there are a few changes like i didn't need as much Coolant).
[Image: PCbuild01.jpg]

All the things i bought 1st time round (there are a few changes like i didn't need as much Coolant).
[Image: PCbuild02.jpg]

Fitting the fans to both Sides, and trying cable management... these cables you don't see later on and there is still far to many cables LOL.
[Image: PCbuild04.jpg]

Radiators fitted and side panels on.
[Image: PCbuild05.jpg]

Such a Beautiful Mother board.
[Image: PCbuild03.jpg]

CPU WaterBlock and Memory fitted.
[Image: PCbuild06.jpg]

Motherboard and Pump/Reservoirs fitted, but the left Reservoir top is the wrong way round (cable at front).
[Image: PCbuild07.jpg]

So i took the Lid apart and found out i could move the In-tube to the other side hole.
[Image: PCbuild08.jpg]

Y-Fittings fitted to flow original plan.
[Image: PCbuild09.jpg]

Tried many times to get the tubes looking good, but all attempts failed and looked terrible.
[Image: PCbuild10.jpg]

I forgot to take a picture of how bad it looked so here's a "after" picture, hopefully this shows you how bad it would of looked.
[Image: PCbuild11.jpg]

The New Loop design under way.
[Image: PCbuild12.jpg]

2 Loops done.
[Image: PCbuild13.jpg]

PC built and Flushing the Loops out with deionised water.
[Image: PCbuild14.jpg]

Soooooooo Many cables Sad.
[Image: PCbuild15.jpg]

This is where i find out that most RGB fittings are not compatible across different manufacturers, and my long road to finding a solution begins lol.
[Image: PCbuild16.jpg]

Finally finished.
[Image: PCbuild17.jpg]

[Image: PCbuild18.jpg]

So my final set up.
[Image: PCbuild19.jpg]
After Note:
New Fans that would of saved me a HUGE ammount of Wireing lol....
No idea how good they are....

NOTE:- They dont look as good as Corsair as the lights are on the Outside... but damn they are soooooo clean...
Update 14months later

So my system got clogged up and I thought it was the Pumps, as the flow stopped....... turns out it wasn't the pumps the "XSPC White Coolant 1 Litre" Blocked the CPU water block, but I didn't know until I replaced the pumps because the white coolant covers the particles blocking the flow Sad
I have bought a new GPU finally and omg its amazing!!!

I have added the following things and included the new score:-

-EK Water Blocks EK-D-RGB 6 Way Splitter Cable £11
To connect the Graphics card RGB and the 2 Corsair pumps RGB lighting

-ASUS NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24GB EKWB Ampere Graphics Card £2400
So high because of the lack of GPUs... Bad times

-2x Corsair Hydro X Series XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo - Black £149.99 each
Not as tall as i wanted but work well with iCue Software + The bracket screw holes dont line up with the ThermalTake Case braket... So i got 2 Spacers 3d Printed to fit and screw inbetween the 2 parts, which also helped raise the Reserrvoirs more into View.

[Image: TimeSpyScore.jpg]

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