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Pop in and say hello on our forums and ask any questions you need help with game related or not,
all we ask is be pleasent and respect others. Visit our Forums and hang out in our IRC: #net-clan Channel.

We play a lot of games, But our main games and the ones we have helpfull info/downloads etc are linked below, Just click the banner to enter each section

Games Actively played by our clan

Games that are NOT Actively played by us any more.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
March 2020 - Present

Call of Duty 4
March 2008 - 2014
Age Of Kings
Sep 2001 - Jan 2005
Age of Mythology
Jun 2003 - Aug 2004
Enemy Territory
May 2003 - Dec 2007
World of Warcraft
2005 - Present
Medal of Honor
N/A - Lallys 1st website not great ammounts info, but a bit (made for fun)

Heroes Of Might & Magic 5
I started playing July 2006 (Not a major clan thing but useful info on there for you, and a demo if you want to try it)