How to become part of our clan
  1. If you are interested in joining our clan you should firstly read our:-
  2. If you agree with the above and are still interested in joining us, you should contact one of our council members on the zone (these are the ONLY members that can inform you whether you can join or not), these people are:-

    They will then have a little chat with you and inform you whether or not there is room available in the clan, because we have a limit of 35 members. This limit is in place because we are a friendly clan, where we want everybody to know each other and play games together, if the number of members get to high this is impossible, and also its easier for me to manage the site, etc J.

If we are Full

   If we are full Plz place you ZONE NAME + E-MAIL on this forum link this will add you to a waiting list and as soon as we drop below 35 members we will inform you of the spare place, mean while it is a good idea to play games with our members and talk to us on the zone under your current name an visit our forum.....

    There are a few Exceptions where we will let new members join even when full these are:-

Once you have been accepted into the Clan

    When one of our council members has given you the go ahead to join (BUT not before), follow the following steps:-

  1. Make yourself a new zone name using _NeT_ name. PLEASE remember to place capitals in the correct places i.e. _NeT_ name NOT _Net_ name or _neT_ name etc, if you do do this wrong you will have to make a new name probably losing the one you wanted L 
  2. Place a link to our website ( http://www.net-clan.com ) in your Zone Profile, where it says Fav URL. (double check its right by clicking on it afterwards cause a lot of people make the mistake of having http:// twice etc). This has been CHANGED with the new zone, you now have to go to the Support page http://zone.msn.com/en/support/article/supporttoc.htm and go to "Sign in and My Account" section and click on "My Account information" and edit there.
  3. Fill in the Following form at this link click here.
  4. Send any photo's you have that I can place on the website, of yourself (and maybe friends family etc if you like) and any pictures you want for website to use as avatars for forums etc to this Email PLEASE make sure ANY E-Mails you send me has your name on cause I receive  to many emails.
  5. Then post your Zone name and say hello in our forum.


If at any point you decide to quit the clan, PLEASE in forum a member of the council Mainly _NeT_WalBanger if possible so that your spot can be opened for others, If at a later date you realize the mistake you made and want to rejoin, this should be ok.

P.S   To change name click here........ http://zone.msn.com/services/changename.asp 

P.P.S Helpful hint for zone friends..... When you change your zone name its a pain having to write out all you friends names again isn't it?..... Well not anymore, all you have to do is go to you favorites folder and copy the friends.txt from your old name folder, and put it in your new name folder.... You can find this @ default settings= C:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone\Favorites\"your old name folder"