Tactics and Strategies

    Below you will find some different Tactics and Strategies used by Some of our members and some used by other Players on the ZONE...... Feel free to print them off and try to learn them.

    I find the best way to learn most of these strategies is to play verse the computer play until you have achieved the target you are aiming for (i.e. reaching Castle age under 17mins) then resigning and start again,,, do this over and over,, 2-3 hours of doing this is well worth the effort and time, as it becomes like 2nd nature

    Now I don't claim to be the best Player or tactical mind about, but i think i'm ok J so there maybe some things that you can improve on or change to make other tactics,, it's totally up to you what you do with the knowledge given below...... Also not all the documents below are written by me J.

Just click on the links below for the Info on the strategies


1)  Flush DaRg_GlowWorm + gutter_rat 
2)  Mayan Tower Flush Anon
3)  Mongol Power Flush Anon
4)  BF Flush _NeT_TiNyBoLLoX + _NeT_WalBanger
5)  Persian Fast Dock ES_TheSheriff
6)  The Grush (Galley Rush) _NeT_I_AmCus_ + _NeT_WalBanger
7)  Grush (Galley Rush) Lightning_CN
8)  Fast Castle _NeT_WalBanger + DevilZ Clan + KoV_Crusader
9)  SMUSH (Saracen Monk rUSH) Out4Blood + _NeT_WalBanger
10) Mayan Eagle Rush Anon
11) Knight Rush Anon
12) Nomad _NeT_WalBanger + FoN_Raveman
13) Team Play Lightning_CN