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    BELOW is a post that MaD_Ceasar did in reply to someone else's post (from UD_clan written in white) to try to give you the Bottom line of understanding the Game ..... it (IMO) hits the nail on the head... I hope it helps you out J...................................................................
This game is simply about gaining the advantage in economy over your opponent. You can do it by collecting more resources, more peon (villagers) or more army to kill your opponent peon................

To achieve this you need the following skills and understanding:

-Guys he posted some generic stuff that I think is good though. I will if, I may take it a step further and go a little more into detail hoping people get something out of it.

"Understanding of the AOK economy (Know what and when to spend your resources on the correct units/technologies/peons under the different situation imposed on you by the map and what your opponent throw at you)"

-This is very well said but also very hard to implement. Knowing when to spend and how much to spend is a thing only a few are capable of doing properly. Focus on some key areas while playing to optimize your economy.
(I will use Arabia as an example but basically it applies to all maps)
a. Think ahead of what you want to do if you think scouts are the best way to go and maybe some skims/archers then have more on food and less on wood then if you would go all ranges.
b. What buildings do you plan on making once Feudal? If you are going for two/three ranges then you must know that you can't have 4 farms in dark, rather look for deer and go heavier on berries if you need to.
c. What Civ. am I? Well will you have the same amount of Celt woodchoppers as you would Mongol? Probably not, you will have some spare villis to go on food or gold. If you are Mayans consider that you don't need as many on gold but you can send them to wood.
d. I have too much wood and running way low on food what do I do? Well for some this may not come natural but take 4 villies off wood make mill by some deer or make some farms. But now I have only 50 wood what now? Well now you set gather point to wood of course. See where I am getting at? Think about what you are low on and what you will need and move villies accordingly. Don't be worrying in Feudal if you will have enough wood to make 3 TC's once you are castle you need food and villies first.

"Military (Army micro-management, choosing the battle when, where and with what combination of units and the amount with minimal lost and quick reinforcement)

-Again nicely said but I will go a little more into detail. Managing your army is a term that gets thrown at ya' and you don't rely know what people mean. Well one way to look at it is to be able to beat an army that yours is inferior to. Meaning you have a disadvantage cause you went skims but he has M@A. Now it is important to do that "micro" thing. Look at the two armies how does yours have the advantage? RANGE! Well M@A have no range and have to be close to hurt you, so what you want to do is take the one they want to attack and move him around the rest of your army. Have the rest shoot at the other M@A while they are chasing yours. Once he catches on and attacks a diff skim you do it again. The same thing you see done on water maps with galleys. Now this is easy said but takes practice and speed to do so. Another thing that can give you the edge when fighting with ranged units is "elevation". I still see to many people not pay attention to it and not use it. Try to use it whenever you can especially is you have skims and he gets knights. A decent amount of skims on a hill can take those two knights with a lot less casualties then if they were to stand on a flat surface. And if nothing helps and you are getting beat retreat. Don't fight if there is no way you can win. I say one alive skim is better protection then none.

"Scouting (Know what is the plan of your opponent and build counter plan for it. Lay of the field and resources)

-Scouting should be a big part of your game especially early on. You want to find your resources ASAP and then go to find you opponent. Scout with sheep the small areas behind or close to your TC and NEVER scout are with your scout twice (first 6 mins). Optimize the area-scouted meaning as much as possible in as little time as possible. Look for your scout's LOS and make sure it is not overlapping, or as little as possible with the area explored already. Once you have your base scouted go for his. If you play many games you will be able to predict your opponents' TC location thus be very careful when getting close to it. Loosing you scout early is nastier then loosing a villi. Now once you find him look for his resources that you may want to attack and also areas you think he can and will wall easily and avoid attacking form there.

"Fast and accurate micro-management of peons and army (The ability to use hotkeys/mouse to manage both peon for economy and army for the advantages. Getting the best uses of economy and army in the given amount of time.)

-This statement basically retells everything I have said until now in a short version.
Be fast, think ahead, move your villagers, scout good, try to get military advantage in any way possible, don't fight if you can't win and stay on top and do not panic.

Fast thinking and implement it into action in the shortest amount of time (Because of the seemly infinite situations you will encounter in AOK, you need the experience to quickly reverse the situation in your favor with the best solution and in the shortest amount of time)

Nuff said

- Caesar