Hints and Tips

A little something to help you.

Hints and Tips

A little something to help you.

General Hints and Tips



This is pretty basic, but it’s amazing how many people do it wrong, ME included!
Always try to reload in a SAFE place, like behind a wall or lie down behind a barrier, etc.
DONT fire 10 bullets, of a 60 Mag, and then run forward chasing someone and start to reload, because someone might be aiming at you or they might turn round.
Also DONT reload while walking around an unexplored corner, there could be an enemy waiting for you, and your still reloading.
**Please note: there are times when you need to move forward fast and have to reload on the way, like if you’re in the gas, or you have to finish the last player in a team Self-Reviving.

Sleight Of Hand weapon perk is a good idea if you are having this problem a lot, but its just better to learn not to do it.
Also switching to a 2nd weapon if you have to chase someone fast, or fighting multiply enemys.


Square Mini Map

Infinity Ward has made a small but significant change to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's mini-map.
You can now choose between a round or a square minimap (click the small picture to see bigger version)_
Using the square mini-map lets you see more, it gives you about 21.5% more coverage.
For a game so fast and deadly, this extra visibility on the mini-map could make all the difference.

How to do:
Press Esc to go into OPTIONS -->
Under the GENERAL tab go to HUD section
Toggle the option MINI MAP SHAPE

Warzone Hints and Tips

This is so important in warzone, Players can purchase a Self-Revive Kit from a Buy Station, but people dont use it to the fullest....
How many times have you died and not been able to Self-Revive? This is usually because of bad positioning, you need to always try to be on Higher ground, or behind cover, or near a location you can crawl behind to hide while you self revive

Bonus Secret tip
A teammate can finish off your Self-Revive and you get to keep it!!
So you can start to Self-Revive, while you are waiting for a teammate to come pick you up, or he can keep watch and when you are nearly fully revived, they can take over and revive you in less than 1 second.
If your team mate is on the way, and all is clear you can just keep topping up the self revive so you dont use it, but he can pick you up almost instantly.

Square Mini Map

- Your killstreaks cost 1 less kill.

- No Killstreaks, instead you get:-
- 25% off kiosk prices for killstreaks, field upgrades, and armor plates.

Hints and Tips section 3 (Under Construction)

Cross Fire
Shoot the Enemy Not your Friends