Old NewS    

Here you will find old news to do with our clan (our history if you like).....

August 27th

New Members

Firstly i would like to welcome back _NeT_N_HeRo
and secondly welcome new member _NeT_N_Shogon into our clan old aka=_TKO_Shogan

August 24th

New Members

plz welcome
_NeT_N_Lost_All old aka= __LoG_Lost_Hope
_NeT_N_Anubis old aka= H3LL_Unbound
_NeT_N_TedDy_ old aka= WoJ_kakarot
Plz add them to friends list and play a few games with them

  August 17th  

+Ranking update

ok well the rts_League starts this monday for details and info on it plz visit www.rts-league.com the link is also in the links section

And once again the rankings page is updated again

 August 10th 

New MoHAA link
+Ranking Update

Thanks to Lally, he has done a Medal of Honor page and is up on our site link at www.net-clan.com there is still a little work to be done on it (info wise) but its looking good so keep an eye on it, It looks a lot better than i though  he could do lol, I might get him to redo all site J.

Once again i have updated the members rankings check out where you guys are on it.

Our own  New forum is up and running and I would like to thank RM clan  for the use of there forum over the past few months.

 August 6th 

New RtCW link
+New Clan Banners

For those of you that are interested in playing RtCW there is a new section up, with hint + tips, some downloads and a few other things

Also I have been up ALL night working on some new banners for site, and I have put in the main forum a poll on which you guys think is best, so if you could vote that would be great.

 August 5th 

+New Members
+Members removed

Well soon we will have a new URL www.net-clan.com we have bought the site,, just waiting for it all to be sorted, use original URL for now.

plz welcome
_NeT_N_FooTyFaN old aka= FoI2I3iddEn 
_NeT_N_TDD_ old aka= ?????
_NeT_N_KaKa old aka= ?????

Also I have removed the following members as they have not been online for months and some haven't sent me members details:-

August 4th

Name Change

 Because of all the incompletes he's got from people dropping on him in game, _NeT_N_Fish has changed his name to _NeT_N_Fishbone to get rid of the 500 incompletes

August 2nd

Clan League

Ok the in Clan league will start this Monday 5th Aug, the page is up in the Tournament section, showing the teams and game settings etc... or click here

August 1st

New Ranking
+update page

The Rankings page has been updated properly this time (I did it last time but forgot to put on site J.

I have updated the Maps page on the Hints + Tips page, it now includes Large maps to and most show you what Stats are best for that map.

July 31st

Challenge over
+New Records
+ New Ranking
+Hints/Tips page update

The Castle building Challenge is over and _NeT_N_Wolf__ is the winner with a time of 13.18mins

There are new record games in the record game section, _NeT_WalBnager vs L_Clan_GeeK in the 5th round of the Alliance Tournament, 2 BF games Vs _S_ Clan, one of me Vs RM_Virtue (this was a good fun game) and _NeT_N_Wolf__'s Fast castle build challenge record

The Rankings page has been updated

AT LONG LAST, I have also updated the Hints and tips page , I think you will find it a lot better than it used to be so have a look (it still not TOTALLY finished but its a lotr better IMO)

July 23rd

New Members

There have been a few new members that have joined us since my Hard Drive got formated so here they are:-

_NeT_N_osfera2 old aka= WoJ_Lallyman
_NeT_N_Viking old aka= WoJ_Viking
_NeT_N_DaNtE__ old aka= Dante_DevilHunt
_NeT_N_Zodiac_ old aka  Zoddy_2K
_NeT_N_EreR_ old aka= _ThiNk_NoBoDy_
_NeT_N_AcE old aka= BlackMage_28

Also _NeT_I_PadFoot has earnt enough medals to get promoted to _NeT_ New name = _NeT_Gain well done mate J.

July 16th

New Records
+ New Ranking

There is a new record game in the record game section, _NeT_WalBnager vs Ice_JM in the 4th round of the Alliance Tournament

Also the rankings page is updated again, I seem to of slipped into 2nd spot, ill have to sort that J, where are you?

July 7th

New Records
+ New Downloads
+ Thanks to Eric

There are 2 new recorded games in the recorded game section 1 is for  people who want to learn the basics of the game, mainly how to fast castle (it has a step by step talk through).

Also there are 2 new downloads...... The zone chat inviter and the Zone friends answer machine...

And I would like to thank _NeT_N_Eric for allowing me to upload all the stuff to his Web Space, now the clan can expand even further J.

July 5th

New Strategy
+ Another New Member

I have updated the the Strategy pages to include a Team Playing write up, this also has links to a few other good strategy pages, I know im goint to have a good read of this as I  need to improve my team play.

Also Plz welcome new members _NeT_N_Zekk37 old AkA= _PzD_Zekk  Plz add him to friends list J, and get a few games in with him J.

July 4th

New Member

Plz welcome new members _NeT_N_Wolf__ old AkA= WoC_Wolf  Plz add him to friends list J, and get a few games in with him J.

June 30th

New Page
+Rankings Update

Thanks to _NeT_N_cusface for  writing the script for the new page showing the time and time zones for each of the members, click here to see... So plz check to see if your times are correct and that you have given me you time zone...

Also I have updated the Rankings page....

June 25th

10,000 Visitors

WOHOOO!!! well we have been going about 10 months now and we have had 10,000 visitors thats about 1,000 a month on average, I would just like to take this opportunity to Thank ALL members in the clan and visitors for making this site AND CLAN a great success ... Long live _NeT_AnGeLs_ClaN and members..... Happy hunting all.

June 24th

New Member

Plz welcome new members _NeT_N_SaNdMaN old AkA= Sandman1097 Plz add him to friends list J.

June 23rd

AoM Alpha Testing

ES have opened the AoM Alpha testing to 10,000 randomly picked people, so lets get as many entries to this to increase the chance of someone in the clan getting a copy of it, dont forget to get your families signed up to J. click here

June 20th

New Member

Well 5 hours later and another new member
Plz welcome new members _NeT_N_England0 old AkA= _cOOl_I2aceI2

June 20th

2 New Member

Plz welcome new members _NeT_N_sTriDeR old AkA= SKUM_Strider
and also _NeT_N_cusface_ old AkA= SKUM_cusface
 Plz add Them to friends list J.

June 19th

Round 1 of Alliance cup
+ New member

Whoooo!!! I win in the First round of the Alliance cup. The record is in the record game section

Plz welcome new members _NeT_N_Myrmidon old AkA= Xx_MyrmidoN_xX  Plz add him to friends list J.

June 14th

Tournament Finished
+ Record game update
+  Ranking update
+ Name change

At last the finalists of the 2v2 BF tournament have played there game and the winners are CruX

2 new recorded games in the record game section 1) The 2v2 BF Final 2) Six of the world best fight it out on arabia map all Korean players

Rankings have again been updated

_NeT_I_TiZz has a new name = _NeT_I_Am_BaD

June 9th

New Member +
Plus ranking update

Plz welcome new members _NeT_N_KingIII old AkA= king_booneIII Plz add him to friends list J.

Rankings have been updated again

June 6th

+ Rankings Update again

The download section has a new download, which removes snow from the map, so you can see units/relcis etc easier J.

I have also updated the rankings page so plz have a look and see if you have ernt anu new medals and tell me so i can up date you details.

June 5th

Recorded Games

I have updated the Recorded games page and it now all works again, now that lee has put the games back up J. Also I have added a few new games that you may enjoy, including examples of a SMUSH.

June 4th

2 New Members

Plz welcome new members
_NeT_N_Dawg old aKa= mudd_dawg1
_NeT_N_Pharaoh old aKa= VI_Pharaoh.

June 3rd

Site Update
+ Rankings up dated

I have added a new strategy to the site "the SMUSH", for those of you who dont know what it is, it's something fun to do with monks. I have also done a record game of it but it is not up on site yet.

Also i have updated Rankings page again.

May 30th

New Member

Plz welcome another new member _NeT_N_SkY old aKa= SuspectedLoser  the usual goes add him to your friends list and make him feel at home J.

May 24th


Well Finally _NeT_N_VooDoo has been promoted J. Hes new zone name is _NeT_I_TiZz add him to your friends list J.

May 21st

Site Update

Well I have done a lot of updating the site today and im not sure if I can remember them all but here goes... these have either been UPDATED or are NEW..
TOP 10 AoK Players in world click here
DOWNLOAD section so all links work click here
COUNTER UNITS table in download section click here
STRATEGY'S in Tactics + Strategies section click here

May 20th

New Links on menu
+Ranking update

Well for those people who didn't see the talk with Bruce over the zone about, the new soon to be releaised, AoM.... Don't worry I Got it all for you under the new Link to the left on the menu bar called Articals...Hope you like...
Also The is a new link to a games page.... Not the best games in the world but its something for you to do when you are bored or at work
J. Click the link called Games.

Also ive updated the rankings again,,, plz check to see if you have any new medals for me to add for you J.

May 11th

2 New Members
+New Strategy Doc
+Ranking update

Plz welcome new members
_NeT_N_TheFrog_  old aKa _FredTheFrog_
_NeT_N_Julien        he is PASCALS son J.

 _NeT_N_VooDoo has written his BF Flush strategy (with a little help from me J), so have a read, its under the Tactics + Strategies section

also I have updated the rankings again,, Plz inform me if you have won any medals J.

May 5th

New Members

Plz welcome another new member _NeT_N_PyRo old aKa=Taiga_Flame the usual goes add him to your friends list and make him feel at home J.

April 30th

Member Returns
+ Pop challenge winner

1) Plz welcome _NeT_N_Crunked back to the clan, he has finally come back to his senses and returned to our clan, now that there are more people playing in his time zone J.

2) Well time is up on the POPULATION limit challenge and the winner is _NeT_I_Longbow with a time of 25.32mins, so he is awarded the madal,, 1 more and hes a full _NeT_ member tooJ.

April 27th

Tournament time

_NeT_I_Longbow is running a tournament for us... For more details and how to join plz visit the forum... the deadline to enter is soon so plz hurry... click here for the settings and people already entered into the tournament.. P.S the winner will receive a medal...

April 19th

+Happy Birthday

1) We have another promotion in the ranks _NeT_N_Core is now a _NeT_I_PadFooT he has acheived the 4 medals needed, so plz update your Zone Friends.

2) Well another year and another year older... Yes thats right Its my 25th Birthday TODAY J

April 14th

2 x New Members

Plz welcome another new member _NeT_N_AnGeL_ old aka= Manic_SheRa (now most of you have already played with her but still make her feel welcome J). Also she is the first Lady to join our clan.

Also _NeT_N_CaNoX old aka = _Dj_ShAdOw_ the usual goes add him to your friends list and make him feel at home J.

April 6th

New Members

Plz welcome another new member _NeT_N_HuN old aka = _I3lack__Diablo, the usual goes add him to your friends list and make him feel at home J.

April 2nd

New Members

1) Plz welcome _NeT_N_Fish old aka = silverhorn_2

2) Also _NeT_N_Falcon_ old aka = vex_firearrow

March 28th


We have another promotion in the ranks _NeT_N_LongBow is now a _NeT_I_Longbow he has acheived 4 medals, so plz update your Zone Friends

March 27th

Medals Update

Well ive redesigned the Medals page so its easier to read and understand, you can now see how you compare to other members in the clan and see what you need to work on J
I have also updated the medals for all members, but if you see that you have earnt one on the rankings page and I've not added just give me a quick reminder J.

March 25th

New Full Member
+ ISP problems sorted

1) Plz welcome _NeT_N_Gandalf old aka FairGandalf1

2)At last I can now upload stuff back on to the website, as you can see everything is working again (I think, if there isnt something working, tell me plz J).

March 24th

Member Returns

Plz welcome _NeT_N_VooDoo back to the clan, he has finally come back to his senses and returned to our clan, so long as he behaves himself J.

  March 18th

+Still ISP problems

1) Unfortunately I have had to boot _NeT_I_Eagle for many reasons L, to know more plz see Xmembers section in the members info section.

2) I Still cant upload things on to the website, I'm lucky I can do this..........

  March 12th  

New Full Member
+Plus another promotion

1) Plz welcome _NeT_N_Tatoo_2x old aka Trial_12_NeT and Tatoo_2x

2) _NeT_N_Boxman has been promoted well done mate, new aka = _NeT_I_Boxman

  March 11th  

Web Page problems
+New Forum
+New Members

1) As most of you know the web site has been partly down for a while, well my ISP uploader says its there fault and they are sorting it, but for now I don't seem to be able to put files larger than 20kb on site (thats why most pages are half pages L)

2) First off can all members plz use the forum more as it is a good place to find things out, and have a bit of fun (im going to add this to CODE OF CONDUCT so can all plz read it again J) there are a few members that need to finish some tournament games..

3) And finally i can tell you about or new mebers we got
_NeT_N_Core old aka= Bally1
_NeT_N_Longbow old aka= _OMEN_Longbow
_NeT_N_13lues old aka= +AK_CRAY2
Trial_15_NeT old aka= encyclodoc
so plz add these people to your zone friends and play a few games with them

  March 4th  

New Forum
+ Winner of Castle age time

1) Thanks to my good friend RM_Bulldog and his new clan, we now have a new forum, well it's the same as the old one but with NO ADVERTS, so I expect more activity in there J.

2) Well the time is up for the Fastest Castle Age Challenge and there is a winner Plz see the NEW forum for the details

  March 1st  

Second Promotion
+ Rankings updated
+ New Recorded Game

Well he's been in the clan for just over 1 week and already he's got enough medals to be promoted to the second level, so plz add _NeT_I_Eagle to your zone friends (old aka= _NeT_N_EaGle) Congratulations J. Hopefully I will have some members up here with me under the _NeT_ name J

Also the rankings have again been updated.

There is a new recorded game in the recorded game section, this is a good example of why you should never quit have a look and see what you think (P.S what an Arse he was)...

  Feb 26th  

First Promotion
+ Rankings updated

Plz add _NeT_I_BeAsT  to you zone friends (old aka= _NeT_N_BeAsT), as he is our first member to acquire enough medals/honors to get promoted to the higher level Congratulations J.

Also the rankings have again been updated.

  Feb 21st  

New Full member

Plz welcome our latest new Full member _NeT_N_EaGle old AkA = power_dragon2

  Feb 17th  

Castle Age Challenge Update
Recorded Games section
Trial Member 09

1) The challenge for the castle age stands at 13.30mins, that's the time you all have to beat J. you can see the deadline for this above (counting down). Also in the forum is a recorded game that will help you out a lot, have a look.

2) In the record game section you will find a recorded game of a TURK FAST IMP with me attacking and _NeT_BeAsT doing a good job of backing me up (it is Vs 2 1850+ rated players).

3) Also Trial_09_NeT have finally got him name sorted,, so if you have added him you will have to take the name off and re do it and if you haven't added it, well add it J.

  Feb 14th  


Well in the forum is a challenge for people to do. This is open to all, but especially for Clan members who can earn a medal, Its a Castle age challenge!!!

Ohh and Happy Valentines Day J.

  Feb 11th  

New Trial Member

Plus plz add Trial_13_NeT to your friends list  play a few games with him and make him feel welcome J. his old AkA is = Hanzyboy28

  Feb 8th  

New Downloads

I have updated the downloads + interesting stuff page, the are 2 new links on there, 1 allows you to figure out you ZONE rating (this is not a download but I couldn't think were else to put it J) other helps you choose which CIV to use. I think you will like these (even if only for a day J).

  Feb 3rd  

New toy

Well I have put a link in download page to a new puzzle game I found, it's only a demo but it fun for... Well..... at least 10mins so have a quick look and to make it a bit more interesting I set a challenge to people, I completed it in 3mins 45secs on my first go and got it down to 22secs on about my 5-6 try so see if you can beat my FIRST try time on your first go, post times in forum when you do J. Go to downloads link or click here

  Feb 2nd  

New Full member
+Clan League Start
+All Ranking up dated
+New Trial Member

1) Trial_11_NeT is now a full member his new AkA = _NeT_N_NoVa.

2) Well I have finally finished the IN CLAN LEAGUE page so we can start playing when ever you are ready you can find the page under the tournament section. Plz if there is anything ive not put in or if there are some good changes I could do just tell me J.

3) Pus I've updated all ranking again (which I do normally but don't tell you J).

4) Plus plz add Trial_12_NeT to your friends list  his old AkA is= tatoo_2x

Jan 29th

New Trial Member
+New Full member
+Old Member removed
+New X-members section up

1) Ok plz add Trial_11_NeT to your friends list plz his old AkA is= _BoW_MeN_.

2) Also Trial_10_NeT is now a full member his new AkA = _NeT_N_Crunked.

3) _NeT_N_HeRo has been removed from members list as he has not played any games for a long time, I think he told me his comp was down, but I cant remember so for now I took him off J.

4) I have done a section for X-members,, well I had done it a while ago but I am only just telling you about it J.

Jan 23rd

Tournament update 7 +
New Recorded Game +
2 New Trial Members

1) Ok well first off the new deadline, to play the next round of the 2v2 BF tournament, is the 28th of January so plz people who have to play there games plz do so J.

2) I have put a new recorded game up in the recorded game section its a BF game with OneEye_Mongol (a 2000+ rated player),, so feel free too have a look..

3) We also have 2 new Trial members so plz add them to friends, play a few games with them and make them feel welcome J.
They are Trial_10_NeT old aKa = Patrick_Blazey_ (he was also in MFG clan) the 2nd member is Trial_09_NeT old aKa = MinorBOO who has only just started playing in last 2 weeks AND only just started to use computers as well (but all things considered he is quite good, he's got the basics good) J. **Note if you are wondering why he has only just started using computers it's because he was about when they invented the WHEEL J....I'll let him tell you how old he is........

Jan 15th

Tournament update 6

Finally all teams has played the first round for the tournament and a few have played there next rounds.... so plz check the tournament table to see your next opponents

Jan 13th

New Strategy Link

Finally I have got round to doing the Strategy link in it you will find some reports on how to get a fast Castle time + how to do Flushes. Enjoy

Jan 11th

Top 219 AoE clans
+ New Ranking

Well we are rated number 9 in the top 219 AoE clans which is good news J.

Also the new members ranking is up.....

Jan 2nd

New Ranking Scheme
+ Beginning of a new year

Well it's a start of a new year and I hope the this clan carries on Growing in reputation and size like it already has done J, and I also wish all other clans/game players all the best..

And there is also a new ranking pages up so you can see how well you are doing + how well the top 10 players in the world are doing,, so you can see what Civs they use and what times they play for, maybe we learn from them J, look under ranking link on left side.

Dec 31st

HaPPy NeW YeaR + 
New Ranking

 Happy new year all and I hope it's a good year for all J.

And new rankings is up for members _NeT_WalBanger top of ranking again, UNLUCKY _NeT_N_VooDoo you are just in 2nd place.  

Dec 29th

Tournament update 6 +
New Full Member

With most people having to visit family and do things over Christmas I have extended the deadline until 7th Dec,, but don't forget if you have opponents for 2nd round you can play your match now if you like J.

And last but not least Trial_07_NeT has been excepted as a full member his new name is _NeT_N_Boxman so, all plz add him to your friends list J.

Ohh yes and Happy Christmas And New Year JJJJ

Dec 21st

Tournament update 5

There has been a few results in the tournament (including Myself and VooDoo) check out who's winning and who's not under the tournament section or the forum.

I think the time limit on the first round will be extended a bit long as a lot of people are going away and visiting over Christmas J.

P.S hope you like the joke picture JJJJJ

Dec 21st

Tournament update 4

The 2v2 BF tournament is now under way plz see the NEW table match ups you are playing (your opponents have now been randomized ) Under the tournament section....... Please remember people, you have 1 week to play each round (but you can play more than 1 round a week,, if you know who you play J and get ahead)

Dec 17th

HaPPy BirTHdaY +
Tournament update 3

Well first off say happy Birthday to Trial_07_NeT he has just turned 26 today J.

Secondly the BF tournament looks like it's going to be a GOOD one, with lots of great players entering and only 2 places left 

Dec 12th

2v2 BF tournament UPDATE 2
+ Zone changes

Well in less than a week we have a GRAND total of 24 teams entered, which means there are only 8 left so you'll have to grab your places quick J.

Well Zone has changed it's sign in process as of yesterday, any one think its any good??? well maybe I'm just thick but I cant get it to work,, so I've missed out on 2 days of playing because of it L, so it's time I tried that Aliens Vs Predator 2 game....

Dec 9th

2v2 BF tournament UPDATE

A lot of people have asked me if they can join in the tournament but haven't got a partner, so what I think people should do is put your name and Email in our forum under the section "Need a partner for tournament" and then you can all join up with someone from there if you like.

Dec 8th

New Trial Member

Plz welcome Trial_07_NeT old aka = EOR_Boxman he is our latest trial member. So plz add him to friends and play a few games with them...

Dec 6th

2v2 BF tournament 

2v2 BF Tournament is to be held on the 21st of December for all clans and players.. Just leave a message in forum, saying the names yourself and your team mate and also your E-mail address' for both players or you could send me an e-mail so that I can add you to the list of teams, and send an E-mail back saying if you if you are in (depending on room).... For the SETTINGS and rules look under tournament section on left side of page......

Dec 2nd

New Zone login + New Ranking

First off I would just like to apologize for not updating the web page, but my up loader's free trial period had run out but I have now sorted it out (thanks Port_Lobo).

 From the 11th of Dec you will have to get a .NET passport to play on the zone L and for your Zone Friends to work you will have to "Enter a multiplayer game" for more info plz  Click here. Is this a good thing or bad L??

And now for the good news The ranking has been updated. I _NeT_WalBanger have pulled up my socks and have jumped up to 2nd place where are you now??

Nov 25th

New Trial Members

Plz welcome Trial_05_NeT old aka = Sanven7 and
Trial_06_NeT old aka = ox_A_xo they are our latest trial members. So plz add him to friends and play a few games with them...

Nov 25th

1000 Visitors

 Well the counter has reached an astonishing 1100 people in less than 2 months. I hope that all the visitors keep coming back to see the new things ill be adding.

Nov 24th

No Web Space

Unfortunately I have run out of web space (I only have 10 Meg) so I cant add much more to the site until I get more space and hopefully a new domain name, but ill try to update stuff already up..

Nov 22nd

New Trial Member + Ranking

Plz welcome _Trial_04_NeT old aka = I_Am_Nicodemus, he is our latest trial member and is Eric's friend... So plz add him to friends and play a few games with him...

The new ranking is up, where are you ranked??

Nov 14th

New Member + Ranking

Congratulations to Trial_03_NeT_ who is now a full member, so can all plz add him too Zone Friends his new name is _NeT_N_Eric. Something which I didn't know is he plays DM games more, so plz help him to learn more about RM when you can.

HeRo is now leading the Rankings Table (unlucky VooDoo J)

Nov 12th

_NeT_ Win First Tournament

Well we won the first tournament against WoJ Clan... See tournament section for details and recorded games. Any ideas about what you want to do for our next tournament,,, plz leave ideas in forum...

Nov 11th

Just finished the new look for the web site hope you like it.

Also I have tried speeding up the loading time by stripping the html down to bare minimum..

Nov 10th

I have changed the Members page so its just got details on it now (and also pictures J) and I have made a separate page for Medals/Honors, which tells you how many more medals you have, as well as how many you need to get for promotion.. Please remember to keep me informed if you think you have got a medal I've not put up.

Nov 9th

Sorry I've not had much chance to do much with the site, because of work, but ive had a little with java script as you can probably tell with the mouse cursor.
Also we have now gone through the 700 people barrier for visitors J.

I've also been working on hits and tips page, but its taking longer than I thought (due to falling asleep half way through it, I hate work J..)

Nov 1st

Well a new month and already HeRo is showing us the way he's leap frogged up the table to second place just behind VooDoo (Watch out VooDoo you going down J and I'll have to buck my ideas up too J) also I have put on your medals HeRo that you've earned.

P.S please remember VooDoo + HeRo you have to play your tournament matches so that we can move on to the next Tournament. 

Also can all members please have a look at the download section there is something good there for all J Roger.

Oct 30th

We have a new trial member so please add him to your friends list and please make him feel welcome, he lives in Japan (which means I have to find a Jap flag now).... Trial_03_NeT_  old aka = _6TrojanRabbit9 bit of a long one that J. Plus new ranking table up again ,, where are you??.....

I also have taken the music from the front page totally off until I find out how to give the option to turn it off and on.

Oct 29th

Well after last weeks complications with the tournament (of peoples computers not talking to each other) it finally got under way with 2 out of 2 wins for the _NeT_ clan its looking good, in fact at this rate we wont need a 2nd round (for further details and recorded games please look at tournament section)

Also the Download section is up (not much in it yet)

Oct 21st

Please welcome our new Trial member Trial_02_NeT_ (old aka Dios_Lover8) add him to friends and play a few games with him... Hopefully this will be our 5th member

Plus tournament put of to next week due to peoples computers failing to work.

Oct 20th

Well I've got the basics for the Recorded games and Downloads Pages sorted just got to fill them a bit more so if anyone has something that can be added please feel free to tell me.

Oct 18th

Trial 1 Passed Trial

Congratulations to Trial_01_NeT he has become a full member please add his new name to your Friends list _NeT_N_HeRo.... Also add _NeT_N_TiZz this is the new name for VooDoo.

Oct 17th

Tournament page

Well the tournament page is finally up and running, sorry it took to longJ so can all members please read it to see settings for our first tournament Vs the WoJ clan.

Oct 14th

Links Page

I've got the links page up and running so feel free to have a wonder around and see other sites...To all visitors if you would like to add your link to our links page please send me an e-mail.. Hopefully I'll have the tournament page up soon too.........

Oct 12th 


1) Well our first tournament is coming up soon on Sunday the 21st, against another clan called WoJ it will start at about 9.45pm English time (GMT). The settings will be the same as the World Tournament (for more info please visit Tournament section,, when I get it done J) so get practicing and hopefully we will kick some arse......

2) And also new Unit stats up please look at unit stat section

Oct 11th 

200 visitors

Well that's the 200 mark on the counter that's more than 100 people in 3 days I cant believe it J

Oct 10th 

New Trial member

Please welcome our 4th new member Trial_01_NeT_    OLD aka's =  LOTR_Bombadil + Alchaholic please add his new name to your Friends list. Hopefully it wont be to long before he's a full member of our clan.

Oct 8th

100 Visotors

Well we have reached the Big 100 mark on the visitor counter and ive not even started to advertise yet J. Thanks to everyone who has spent sometime visiting our site.

Oct 6th


Sorry no more pages have been added in last few days but Iím working on a big one J the unit stats, itís HUGE J because Iím up dating it for the 1.0c patch.


New page up + medals updated

New page upÖ ďHow to get promotedĒ J, and members page updated to include medals _NeT_N_BeAsT is already flying ahead on the medals table with 2, 3 more and itís promotion timeÖ. But _NeT_N_VooDoo is leading the ranking tables with a whopping score just under 1700 (but still no times L),,,,, Iíll have to sort that  J

Oct 3rd 2001

Members info

New members info up and running just need more members now J.

Sept 29th 2001


Forum up and running so ill expect lots of forum action soon as I start advertising J.

Sept 28th 2001  

2 new members

2 new members have joined we are at a grand total of 3 members now J.